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Nose Inflammation

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Topic created by justin
on Wed, 10 Mar 2021 at 01:57

justin said on Wed, 10 Mar 2021 at 01:57...

ive only done poppers a handful of times. the last time i went a little crazy. did a bunch in a very short amount of time. i woke up my throat and nose were swollen the next day. almost a month later and my right nostril is still inflammed, red, and snotty. i went to the doctor and said it happened after cleaning my bathroom with bleach. using flonase and saline rinses but healing very slowly. is this just irritation? chemical burn? any hints for treatment? thanks.

Nitritespecialist said on Thu, 11 Mar 2021 at 16:55...

Your doctor should be able to advise you best.

Sounds like you had some very acidic poppers, probably tainted with nitric acid, which will turn skin yellow. There are a lot of bacteria in the nostrils....maybe you got an infection that won't die and need antibiotics.

Talk to your doc again.

Estrogel said on Sat, 13 Mar 2021 at 11:49...

Oh, child, everything in moderation...except excess, right? You got burned. Burned the skin, burned the interior lining of the nasal passage. Let's see.
- Try sniffing less intensely. If you're having to hit really hard and have had the stuff awhile, it's degraded and not as powerful. Get new stuff.

- If you get the liquid on you at ALL it will burn your skin. Once burned, additional sniffing will only aggravate the burn. Vaseline can help, but hey, look, you want it to HEAL, not just treat a burn on the nostrils on your face where everyone is always staring. Take time off, let it heal.

- Try sniffing from another container that is deeper, with a wider opening. Take a cotton ball or the like - nothing colored, nothing that might react with chemicals - put it atop the bottle securely so none spills, tilt, get a good dose on the cotton ball, then drop the ball into a glass container with a wide mouth and a sealable top that you can easily open when needed. A larger container lets the gas fill the larger volume and then you get what you want - the fumes, not the liquid.

Make sure you have the container ready and don't run around the house with a dosed cotton ball or you'll get the whole house high, lol. Don't get anything too heavy either. No dealing with broken glass while zoned! Some use plastic containers, like a Gatorade bottle, but hey, the plastic MIGHT react, so...that's why the manufacturer-wizard chemists use little glass bottles, right? But the thing with the little bottles is that the AMOUNT of fumes hovering right over the liquid is pretty scant.

If you have new, powerful stuff, that is enough! But see, it makes sense...there's just a small area for the vapor to build up in above the liquid.

As an aside, that's where the whole room odorized thing and the rep of opening a bottle in a room before a party came from...letting it drift through the air vents of Studio 54, etc...the vapors is what ya want, not the liquid, not the burn...

- Depends on your situation. Another method gaining popularity is the thing with the sock. Take a clean sock, put some on the toe, roll it up with the toe inside, Inhale through the mouth directly from the sock. Again, make sure the wet part with the poppers is in the center of the roll. Warning: this WILL fuck you up sideways and upside down! If you have heart issues, brain issues, bloodflow issues, etc, etc, etc...watch your ass, because it's NOT on me, lol! Very powerful, longer lasting high, but it can A.) lower the blood pressure so much that you lose your hard. B.) buzz you so intensely that you can't concentrate C.) turn your fucking vision temporarily BLUE. Yeah. Hey, I just report. Some people have said they got permanent blue, but I don't know about that...

Good luck and don't burn yourself, kiddo...

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