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Topic created by Harry1950
on Thu, 25 Feb 2021 at 05:34

Harry1950 said on Thu, 25 Feb 2021 at 05:34...

Has anyone purchased butyl nitrite poppers from Artis Anal Cleaners.com in Florida? If so, what effects did you experience and what is your assessment of their butyl nitrite formulas? Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Saggy Balls said on Thu, 25 Feb 2021 at 19:14...

I ordered their sampler a few months ago. It was basically a : mild, medium, and hot option. The mild didn't do much for me. The medium was pretty good and the hot was definitely the best of the three. I think they sell a few new varieties now. One labeled Kaboom that another poster on here spoke highly of. They aren't the best Ive ever had. But they are better than alot of the products out there. I do plan on ordering again from them soon.

Always Poppers. Everything Poppers. said on Fri, 26 Feb 2021 at 06:53...

Kaboom is great. Their customer service is the best. They've included free product for me when only ordering 1 item. Kaboom only last a few days if that and is nasty good. Flamin is probably your best bet. It last about 8 or 9 days before it goes bad. Awesome Twosome is their middle grade product. It's okay. Mix of strong and mild so will last much longer but not too weak like mild.

Harry1950 said on Sat, 27 Feb 2021 at 19:12...

APEP : Thanks very much for posting your comments !

Bruce said on Mon, 1 Mar 2021 at 00:03...

Having a lot of fun right now with leftovers from sampler acquired in late September !
Hoping to test their new varieties in a few days and confirm but there's no reason for concern.

Bruce said on Mon, 1 Mar 2021 at 23:15...

Btw, theses absolutely need to be used on a paper tissue or cotton ball and a container (glass preferred) in order to work.
I just had a rarely observed results with 2 drops of middle and two of hot on paper tissue in used glass vitamin-caps jar.
Using straight from the bottle won't provide much efficiency for these cleaners,

Harry1950 said on Tue, 2 Mar 2021 at 06:14...

@Bruce: Hello, I just responded to the comments you posted on 1 March under the topic French Amyls. ( Thanks again for your comments.)
I sampled the Artis Anal Cleaners stronger formula "Flamin' " and it caused me to see blue spots in front of my eyes for about 35 minutes. I would be very interested in knowing if you had this same experience after you used the Flamin' formula. If you did not, then maybe the product I was mailed was defective in some way.
I would also be interested in knowing your comparison between the physical effects you receive from using a pentyl formula versus a butyl nitrite formula versus an iso-amyl nitrite formula. Which one works the best for you?
For many, many years I have used poppers by placing the liquid on a large size cotton ball (or two) and then placing the ball(s) into a clean glass jar with a tight cap. (All of my jars or small bottles were formally for vitamins or health supplements and are brown glass.) To use, I would place the cotton ball directly under each nostril and strongly inhale the vapor, then place the cotton ball back into the jar / bottle.
I now use a 4 inch wide cotton gauze roll, cut off 8 inches and fold that length over three times and place it vertically down in to the glass bottle.
I then use a small, glass medicine dropper to transfer the popper liquid from its small bottle on to the cotton gauze material. You need to allow the popper vapor / fumes to release in the closed bottle for 20 minutes or so. To use, remove the cap and place the nose directly into the bottle and inhale strongly. This method is not as effective as inhaling the vapor from the cotton ball, unless the nose is held into the bottle for an extended period (30 seconds or more) while taking several inhalations. However, it prevents the popper liquid from coming into contact with the nose and causing burns to the skin.
I have never used plastic bottles or jars, because I believe the toxic popper liquid would cause an unwanted chemical reaction with the plastic.
Thanks again for your comments.

Bruce said on Wed, 3 Mar 2021 at 00:00...


Hi, thanks for your reply!

I had similar blue spots yesterday while taking a bit too much "mild" and "hot" mixed together (old names and 6 months old products).

Yesterday's issue probably occured from my last month habit of using mostly isoamyls and pentyle which do need quite a number of repeating huffs in feeling the desired sensual effects (if some come, i'll process this one later in my text)

I forgot that x-butyl is far more active in donating NO still with a slight metabolisation delay so i huffed like usual and "kaboom" too much (but what a ride!) and blue spots for 30 minutes.

I had very good time today with freshly received new recipes, they suffered a bit from last week' USPS 1 lag and a bit of several flights, but enriching the already supplied stabilisation things with my own MS4 and K carb hopefuly helped.
A bit of darkening on fovea center while peaking, but everything reverted back to normal in few minutes ( lessons learned from yesterday's use).

I upgraded my methods 2 months ago by using a chinese latex gasmask and cutting its hose to around 10 centimeters opened to fresh air.

This basically allows sucking over the jar like a mosquito and taking fresh air huffs in between. It also have the convenience on not being held by straps so very easy to remove on sessions ends.

Now to my feelings with the different alkyls nitrites (seamingly sorted by how i felt their potency/effects)

-Hexyl :
sweet cardamone scent but Bad product - Very weak rush, no sexual effects and seems to saturate metabolism/body NO intake very fast so it ruins the session because no mean of increasing the NO intake - Useless and weird

-n-Butyl :
I find this one is interesting for a very slow apetizer rise - Sweet banana like smell - Not very reactive but adds-up easily and brings a bit of sensual prostate pump, which frenchs' isoamyls or pentyls don't give me.
Might be of use in a blend with a highly reactive/early endinf counterpart.

-Isoamyls :
The french "amyls" but always cas 110-46-3 with eventually mixed acohols :
First the camfor like odor stays in lungs and mouth after a session and i don't appreciate this remaining taste.
It is mostly rush and heartbeat with low prostate pump effect and does not increase much the erotic moment. What it allows is a bit of desentization usefull for my estim play to bring up the power while focusing on a fetish themed pic of woman (dom or slave, my kink..) - I mostly switched to isoamyl last month because of their negligible side effects post-session (appart from a slight hangover) - Issue was not reaching orgasm at all lately.

-Pentyls : CAS 463-04-7 (Grey area sometime mixed, diluted, isomers mixed ..) For me, like isoamyls, without the specific camfor scent - A bit more reactive - A bit more of post-session side effects, sensual effects : Maybe a bit more - I see theses as a bit more effective than isoamyls so they're handy when stalling if i need to intensiffy things a bit more.

-sec(ter)-butyls :
Here we go on another level or territory - Scent is for me un the nail varnish remover Quite reactive, a nice prostate pump, sensual effect then a big Kick and they bring focus to me during the session and at a same time i reach a "kaboom" state. I may find myself forgetting how the session went right after orgasming, quiet weird but so good at the same time !
I may want to mix them with n-butyl in order to mitigate the kick and add a bit of decay/release - Side effects : Hangover and headaches, but what a ride !

isobutyls :
The far end on my level of tested product ( isopropyl appart) reactivity - Nail polish / Acetone scent - Somehow maybe too intense for me, it's direct kick, direct sensuality, direct everything, but very short lasting so i like to blend it ot save it to very specific sessions and the hangover or headache is often huge for me.

isopropyls : Unfortunately the cheap trick to make cheap and very kicking poppers which a lot of shop does and sell...- Scent is chemical household alcool (well isopropyl we all have for cleaning our prescription glasses or degreasing electronics, thermal grease on cpus and so on...) Toxic for the eyes with long or not reverting spots or harmed fovea .
This is a "fast fuck yourself" product for me - Before the eyes warning, i could have took it in a last debauchery attempt if not having iso/tert-butyl on hand - Huge headache afterward and acetone scent breath.

Unfortunately, the more reactive the products are, the faster i get metheglobinea, which i try to mitigate with intakes of vit C / riboflavin / NAC / Anti-oxidative supplements and right just introduced oral methylene blue.
I also monitor SPo2 saturation with a finger pulsometer ( But theses are not really efficients with induced methmoglobinea )
Induced anemia is fought with Iron and vit supplements, but mostly by stopping use for a few days/week for body to recover.

So here it is !

My actual favorites go to sec/ter-butyls eventually mixed with n-butyls for the "kaboom" and "time dilatation (no pun intended on other areas getting loose, but anything will do).
I'll eventually use a bit of isoamyl/pentyl at the begining of sessions but go with sec/tert butyls or isobutyl in last ressort if available.

Now, i can't realize whether i ever tested n-amyl ?
I remember some "KIX" and Jungle Juice platinium with a very smooth but very discrete smell, like smelling water, quite a delay after huffing, then the pumping and sexual effects coming, maybe these were n-amyl, i don't remember.
What i remember is having a lot of ispopropyl in the nineties and isobutyl, not really knowing the differences at the time.

Hope you enjoy my post and i approve artisanalcleaners, for the time being they reside on the top of my list.

Saggy Balls said on Wed, 3 Mar 2021 at 16:07...

I just placed a new order this past weekend of both Kaboom and Flamin. I still have a bottle that is a couple of months or so old with a 12b label on the top. If I remember correctly, that was their medium strength version at the time. My very first order from them, you could get 25ml bottles. Lasted a long time. I'll report back once I get a chance to try the new products.

Bruce said on Wed, 3 Mar 2021 at 23:21...

Rectification on my previous post : Where i stated isobutyl it was in fact a low quality (something-butyl maybe tert-?) i got on Aliexpress (nail polish)

Isobutyl : Faint Marshmallow candy smell like diluted in water - Delay with nothing happening after huff then a big rush and heartbeat acceleration, it makes me feel sensual but not ultra.
i think Kix and jungle juice platinum i had in 2006 where isobutyl

Nitritespecialist said on Fri, 5 Mar 2021 at 18:01...

@Bruce...thanks for your detailed descriptions of the various poppers you've tried. I assume you are going by the label when stating the type of popper, which we all know could be inaccurate.

N-amyl nitrite is 463-04-7, the CAS number you mentioned. I agree with your assessment of n-butyl nitrite as smelling like sweet bananas, but the Sigma Aldrich that I bought gave adrenaline like rush effects, BUT only after washing out the nitric acid. And you are right, isobutyl nitrite smells like nail polish compounds...a pungent, sweet chemical odor perhaps similar to acetone.

Isopentyl nitrite gave me an assortment of prostate/anal effects as it aged over time. There was a sweet spot when it felt especially good. When that happens, you know time is limited.

I am getting a variety of effects/odors from home brew n-amyl nitrite. Odors range from mild/nondescript to slightly camphor/medicinal, to slightly sweet and fruity like Juicy Fruit gum, to bitter floral(and not good). Effects range from delayed, then sudden trance, to sudden erotic thought amplification, to complete numbing/relaxation of ass, to somewhat toxic(certain brews) to somewhat euphoric and dreamy.

I don't know which odors/effects indicate the highest purity of n-amyl nitrite until I finally receive 100mls from a large chemical company to use a type of standard.

Bruce said on Wed, 10 Mar 2021 at 01:08...

I'd also like to purchase pure n-amyl nitrite as reference for my knowledge and to understand whether i like it or prefer sec-butyls.

I have considered reaching Chinese suppliers on Alibaba.com but have not yet pulled the trigger.
Chemical companies seem to only sell to Professional labs, so...

newToPoppers said on Thu, 11 Mar 2021 at 18:19...

Hey Guys,

Just a comment on Artisanal Cleaners: They are the freshest by far of any I have bought. Pleasant and smooth inhale when I received AND up to 5 days later.

Unlike every other product I've bought, which gave me irritation in my breathing passages that was mild when I opened the products, but increased each day after they were opened.

(Yes, I did keep them all well sealed and in the frig after opening.)

PopperTopper said on Thu, 11 Mar 2021 at 23:18...

Hey Guys...I ordered Kaboom off the recommendations on here, hoping they would at least be decent and take less time to arrive than ordering from France....I've got to be honest, save your money guys unless you have never done poppers and you want a very soft start, these are NOT the ones to get! I was highly disappointed in the product and if Kaboom is their strongest, I'll head back to ordering from France and biding my time with shipping...Just my 2 cents!

Analtingles said on Mon, 15 Mar 2021 at 02:50...

Kaboom worked for me. Nice anal tingle for me. Is it PWD level from the old days. No. Nothing is at this point.

Tester said on Mon, 7 Feb 2022 at 01:54...

Kaboom is ok but average. French stuff is better

The Duke said on Tue, 8 Feb 2022 at 01:50...

Hello all , Canada here . Just a question , I was made aware this site yesterday as impossible to secure any bottles here in town any longer at this time . But I see many that I am not familiar with at all . So seeking advise as to which one’s best to order . Saw a Mix bottles offering which I thought be a good start and figure out a fav from there . I want them to Not Last afterwards , Not to have the sensation ( have had those at times ) given one the feeling one’s brains are getting fried soon the lid is open . Like a mild ish sensation at the start with stronger build up for full effect without using half the bottle to get there .
Hope someone might see this and reply back .appreciated . Thank u .

Billy said on Tue, 15 Feb 2022 at 19:15...

Tester, what is the French stuff of which you speak?

The Kid said on Wed, 2 Mar 2022 at 12:38...

I agree with Billy, what is the name of the French stuff being discussed?

Colter said on Thu, 17 Mar 2022 at 16:35...

Yes, I am curious as well. What is the product Tester is ordering from France? Is there a name? A website?

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