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How I overcame my popper addiction

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Topic created by Intelligent_Nerd
on Sat, 20 Feb 2021 at 14:25

Intelligent_Nerd said on Sat, 20 Feb 2021 at 14:25...

I want to share this experience for those who are struggling with poppers addiction and warn all those who think that poppers might be fun.

Last year I developed a dangerous addiction to poppers inhalants. Widely thought as "not harmful" or "not addictive", the side effects of poppers destroyed my health: wrecked immune system, permanent damage to my vision, tinnitus and the worst of all a deep depression, eternal fatigue and slow thinking and problems with concentration. Even I was aware of poppers destroying me, they are so addictive (you get an instant reward with interstellar orgasms) that I constantly relapsed - I have no addiction history at all but I fell prey to poppers and entered a downward spiral - endagering my job, and everything which was important in my life.

I started microdosing 1cP-LSD three weeks ago, first with 20 g, but then lowering to 15, then 10, then 7.5 and now 5 g daily. I must say: it is the first time in a year that I am no longer craving for the inhalant drug that was about to destroy me forever. I noticed it after about 1 week of microdosing that I do not long anymore for poppers. And my fatigue and slowness in thinking are gone, I now have almost too much energy (but also a lowered sex drive and sometimes stomach nausea).

I was so afraid that I would no longer be able to do my job as a physics programmer, but since last week my productivity is again like it was before I started with the evil poppers drug.

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