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Jungle Juice Platinum - Which Nitrite in Australia???

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Topic created by PopperMe
on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 at 02:05

PopperMe said on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 at 02:05...


Have a bottle of JJ Platinum from Lockeroom BC, and it just says it contains Alkyl Nitrite. Does anyone know which nitrite it is? Hooe it's not Isopropyl, due to the eye damage problems.


Peter said on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 at 02:44...

I would stay away from locker room marketing products. I've heard some horror stories regarding jungle juice. You never know what you get in your bottle.

PopperMe said on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 at 04:14...

Thanks Peter.

Do you mean Lockerroom fakes, or the real ones? There are certainly chinese fakes out there, but I'm talking about the ones manufactured out of Canada with the full sleeve sealed bottles.
Also, which ones do you recommend?

Peter said on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 at 04:34...

Flick me an email Footballer_Mike_1990@outlook.com

Confused said on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 at 10:22...

In looking at poppers aromas eu, they list 3 different sized bottles of Jungle Juice Platinum.

However, each one has a different ingredient!!

10ml - Pentyl and Butyl nitrites
24ml - Isopropyle Nitrite
30ml - Hexyl nitrite


How can the same product list three different product ingredients?

Peter said on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 / Moved said on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 at 10:24...

Your exactly right.
You never know what your getting in a bottle.
I've had issues since using Jungle Juice and I emailed them to ask them what was in it. They ignored the emails and refused to get back to me.
If you flick me an email I can send you something. The Australian distributor also failed to respond to any emails when I asked him what is in the product.

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