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Just bought xtra strong poppers

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Topic created by Mikey
on Sun, 27 Dec 2020 at 19:54

Mikey said on Sun, 27 Dec 2020 at 19:54...

Hi guys,

Just want some opinions please... over the years I have been hard-core into poppers, doing popper trainers etc

I had a break for a few months and have just ordered some. My question is do I go straight for the super strong ones and have a long old session? Or do I use standard poppers as my tolerance will be lower?

I really want to do a proper hard core session, but don't want to o ergo it and blow the session. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said on Sun, 27 Dec 2020 at 20:27...

Many people think that poppers is like some kind of narcotic. They think that more you use more you need for the same feeling and more you tolerate.

But that is not true because how the poppers in acting in your body. It is a question how much alkyl nitrite can your blood carry. The more you use the less you tolerate. The more you use poppers the more sensitive you are. The more often you use the more sensitive you are. The stronger the poppers is the less you can use it and if you train the less you can use.

And about the strong poppers: many times strong and extra and ultra are only marketing.

So I recommend start with strong.

Nitritespecialist said on Tue, 29 Dec 2020 at 14:42...

I'm in the USA. Where the heck is anyone getting good poppers here? Since PWD, Joe Miller, died it's all been crap. I read reviews over the years, but I can't find any consensus that anyone in particular is making consistently great poppers as was Joe, for over 30 years.

That said, there are various types of poppers. The strongest ones make you feel the sickest fastest. What you want are the highest quality ones....the kind that have a chemical composition that increases fun effects while minimizing the toxic effects. Normal amyl nitrite has these properties, BUT all the poppers are unstable to various degrees and all the poppers can give worse toxic effects if there are toxic impurities present. So....any purchase is a crap shoot.

Nitritespecialist said on Tue, 29 Dec 2020 at 14:48...

I don't believe most people will build up a tolerance to a well made, high quality nitrite to the extent that they can no longer experience good effects. I do believe short breaks may be required to sustain the headiest highs. But I don't believe days would be needed.

That said, isopropyl, butyl and isobutyl nitrite ALL give toxic effects that once they set in, may required hours to wear off before any additional exposure can be tried. This will happen over and over again, because most people will not be able to develop a sufficient "tolerance" to the toxic effects of these strongest poppers. I personally, have never been able to develop a tolerance against the toxic effects of isopropyl nitrite. It always kicks me on my butt in less than 10 minutes and then I feel like total shit for many hours.

Jako said on Tue, 29 Dec 2020 at 19:06...

Sounds like Joe had a secret formula?

Nitritespecialist said on Tue, 29 Dec 2020 at 22:05...

Joe Miller had many advantages, right time and place. He started around 1970 in Indianapolis, IN, home of Eli Lilly, a maker of amyl nitrite. He had no doubt tried USP amyl nitrite as it was easy to get OTC until 1969, so he knew exactly what it was like and what it was. He wasn't forced to guess. He also had a contact chemist friend from Eli Lilly who supposedly helped him set up his popper making business, once amyl nitrite was made script only again in 1969. During the 70s, there was not yet a ban on poppers so he could ramp up production and advertise like crazy. Amyl poppers weren't legal without a script, but not sure this caused him to only market butyl nitrite. Even if he was forced to market the butyls, I bet he always thought amyl nitrite was better...better odor, less side effects. I don't know if he tweaked his formula or not over the decades, but his product was consistently good when I was buying in 2008-10. He knew how to get the best reagents, he knew an effective, efficient way to synthesize it and he knew how to bottle/preserve it well enough to have ample shelf life. It's a lot to know and he happened to be at the right time and place in order for all the pieces to fall in place.

Jako said on Wed, 30 Dec 2020 at 14:20...

Maybe Joe exported his secret formula to the UK to suppliers who put their own label on it ? There hasn't been any decent poppers in the UK for at least 10 years.

Nitritespecialist said on Wed, 30 Dec 2020 at 18:39...

I do believe Joe exported his poppers because I read where he was the world's largest supplier up to the point of his death.

Jako said on Wed, 30 Dec 2020 at 19:19...

I clearly remember UK poppers in the 90's i.e. 'Liquid Gold' labelled as containing 'alkyl nitrites' suggesting a secret mixture / formula which under the laws at the time didn't have to be revealed.

PJ said on Sat, 2 Jan 2021 at 08:12...

There are no secret formulas or other mysteries. Apparently there were essences added to PWD Hardware, but these were for cosmetic effect. The same source claimed that Mr Miller's advantage was his investment in high-end bottling equipment. So even if a "manufacturer" - i.e bottler, had access to a quality volatile nitrite (which Mr Miller certainly did) then, without this technology, the end product was downgraded during bottling.

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 2 Jan 2021 at 22:26...

@PJ...certainly requires both post processing and bottling expertise as well as chemical synthesis technique. Bottling crap will get you nowhere and not bottling a high purity nitrite effectively with some type of preservation method will end in crap. Joe wasn't a chemist, but he had an Eli Lilly chemist friend who had access to amyl nitrite prep. I read that this person helped him get his business started. There's no way anyone can do it successfully, become the world's leader, without someone with exacting chemistry knowledge and then exacting bottling knowledge.

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 2 Jan 2021 at 22:36...

Per secret formulas: You could mix the various nitrites and get various effects and odors, and you could vary the purity of any one. But I don't think most impurities add improved effects or improve longevity. The base alcohol eventually appears and becomes a dominant impurity. From my experience, there is huge potential for variation in both odor and effects, no doubt dependent upon type of nitrite, impurities present and their individual percentages. It seems to me that amyl nitrite would be the single best popper and that to add another nitrite to it would not add any benefit. This is because amyl nitrite has the least odor, more palatable and easier to disguise with other added odors and it has strong effects, the ass relax and slut maker, without having unpleasant side effects. Why add something to it that is only going to dilute these qualities....adding bad apples to good?

wasser said on Sun, 3 Jan 2021 at 14:36...

I remember poppers of the 90s the best in sex, don't seem to get these now a days and they seem to go off as soon as the bottle is opened
what are most people using for sex these days?

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