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Why A "Bottle"? Use A "BAG" Instead!

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Topic created by We The People
on Thu, 15 Oct 2020 at 18:03

We The People said on Thu, 15 Oct 2020 at 18:03...

Please explain to me why this stuff comes in a container
that can only make matters worse every time you open it,
and even more as the product volume reduces within it too,
by occupying that space with the very dreaded substance
that causes product failure in the first place (air/water) ?!

Hasn't anyone noticed that ole wine-box ?
It has a bag in it, without any vapor space,
that decreases in size to accomodate,
and there is NO air/water exposure...

Adding a medicine bladder-bag inside these bottles,
and a thumb-pump similar to a nasel spray perhaps,
would eliminate almost all of the products problems,
right ?

Momentarily out of storage in the fridge/freezer,
pump out just enough for the current session,
back into It's safe keeping spot until later...

Why has this entire industry missed such a
common sense solution (Yeah, very punny...) ?

Thoughts ?

We The People

PJ said on Wed, 21 Oct 2020 at 10:40...

I am not chemist. I think that volatile nitrites expand and contract depending on temperature. Wine does not do that, right? So I think that a vacuum packed bag will split. Those amber / brown bottles are made of thick glass, I guess that is for a reason. The fact that amyl or butyl nitrite gives off a vapor brings with it certain downsides about how it can be packaged. The reason the bottles are brown (actually why not black?) is to protect from light, 'cus that heats up the liquid and makes it expand.

We the People said on Thu, 22 Oct 2020 at 01:44...

Thank you for your time, and reply PJ.

I see the point your making about
the wine bag/box example I chose to use.

The pharmaceutical "Bladder" bags,
as I chose to call them for some scatter-brained reason,
only line the bottle's inside only,
the cap that goes with them has an open-air vent.

So expansion and contraction of product is accomodated easily,
and there isn't any vacuum in the product's bag.

Fortunately, the vapour release pressure of these nitrates is low.

Only the contents of the "bag" are,
led out the same cap through a stiff tube,
the tube's end is then outfitted with
whatever is needed for distribution,
needle-membrane for needles, thumb pump, etc...

Wish I could remember the real name of them these years later,
I'll ask a few pharmacists, they are required for some medicines.

Hope that clarifies,
and inspires other ideas for people.

PJ said on Thu, 22 Oct 2020 at 09:40...

Maybe you should get a patent, WTP. I recall from previous discussions that there have been attempts at something like this before; I think it was some kind of attachment to the bottle. Your idea is new though. Some people propose not a new innovation, but a return to ampules (often called snappers).

We The People said on Sun, 25 Oct 2020 at 02:11...

Your suggestion on a patent sent me hunting,
there are literally hundreds of these patents,
yet I still haven't a name for people to use...


I haven't been out to visit pharmacies yet (Covid...), sorry.

We The People said on Sun, 25 Oct 2020 at 03:48...

I've opened and closed so many patents at this point,
that I could find the better one I'd rather have posted.

I am researching this in my spare time.

One search term that yields near-topic results is:

"Airless Bottle"


An example of a vacuum pump for them here:


They even come in dual chamber design,
for transporting/comparing two products:


These are examples of the idea only,
I cannot confirm a bladder insert liner...

transitiongirl said on Sun, 8 Nov 2020 at 10:01...

Hmm. Okay. Well. You can get yourself a Gatorade bottle, or any similar plastic bottle with a wide mouth, soak a small piece of paper towel with a dose of poppers, and then insert it into the bottle. The bottle will quickly fill with aroma. The big plastic cap is easy to remove, hold, and replace with one hand. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough to either sniff or inhale by mouth from. You can/will get very large hits this way so be careful, might even be too much for some people. If you knock it over, no problem, lightweight plastic and not a glass bottle or a tiny lid to replace. When done, open, tilt, remove piece of paper towel quickly, flush down toilet and either air out bottle, throw it away if necessary, or just recap it for next time. If you leave the dose inside it does get stale, but you can get hits so powerful that you don't really want to stand up until the high comes down. Not for the inexperienced, timid, or unhealthy. If you push it too hard, you can also vasodilate so much that you lose your erection. Blood vessels are just too opened up and blood pressure can go way down. Don't fuck it up! If you hit that limit you might be done for the night...

And Honey, you listen up - if you leave that fucking bigmouth cap off for 2..3...5 minutes...your entire place WILL smell like a raging gay nightclub!! lol

So. Not to leave lying around or open. Also, hey, if you leave the dosed paper towel in there it looks pretty suspicious and you don't want to attract attention OR have the unsuspecting get curious.

Plastic bags....Darlings...I've tried MANY times as I tried to figure out an easy delivery system. You can do what the OP suggests with a Ziploc, etc. But it's a pain to open most bags. Especially if you get any lube on them. Fuck that! The solid sides of the Gatorade bottle are easy to handle, bags are a pain. You can hold the plastic bottle up to a hair dryer or hot air heater and it does make the gas expand inside so you don't want to do it for too long. But I do believe it can increase the density of the gas inside the bottle and thus the density of each hit.

I mean, you can get hardcore buzzing and even some visual distortion if you push it too far, like the 'blue vision' thing. Usually a sign to stop your sniffing, girlfriend!

This does work really well, but, hey, use your head and don't fuck yourself over when you just wanna get off...but, that said, you have greater control and don't have to worry about spilling that damned little bottle (which we have ALL done...and you think you got it all up but the next morning you think you're waking up in West Hollywood!).

Oh, one last thing. Sure, go ahead and drink the Gatorade first, or just pour it out, but don't drink anything out of it after! Empty the bottle, and rinse it well before using as a dose vessel, because otherwise every hit will smell like whatever flavor Gatorade you bought! Yeah. Aquafina used to make these bigmouth water bottles, and they were great, but they stopped making them. I'm not a fan of the idea that the isobutyl, etc, might interact with either the paper towel material or the plastic, but it is what it is. Perfection might be a lightweight Pyrex unbreakable glass vessel, but if you're high and trembling you tend to drop heavy stuff, so I go plastic. Have fun and for God's sake, don't overdo it!

transitiongirl said on Sun, 8 Nov 2020 at 10:07...

Of course I forgot one thing. If you use the flimsier plastic bottles you may end up squeezing on them and it makes a hell of a racket! lol CRACK! Omg, she's at it again! The Gatorade bottle is nice and STIFF, girls, so you just grab it, hit it, and sit it, BOOM.
Now, who's your best friend? ;-)

maskman said on Sun, 13 Dec 2020 at 13:42...

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