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Side effects of daily poppers usage? Does it cause cancer?

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Topic created by InYourEyes
on Thu, 1 Oct 2020 at 03:38

InYourEyes said on Thu, 1 Oct 2020 at 03:38...

Hi there,

28M gay guy here. I've always been a fan of poppers since I discovered it, but would only use it occasionally during sex.

However, as of last month, I've been using it while I masturbate too. It feels amazing. But now I'm kind of worried about my health.

I noticed that I've been coughing and having on and off nausea during the day. Not sure if this is related to the daily poppers usage (I masturbate once or twice a day, everyday). I only do 1-2 sniffs per session.

Is that excessive?

Also a stupid question.. does it increase your risk of getting cancer at all? Cause you know.. inhaling foreign stuff to make yourself high doesn't come without a cost..


Anonymous said on Thu, 1 Oct 2020 at 21:31...

Butyl nitrine showing some risk of cancer in +60y old users
You over do .You seem to feel flatique due to methe/mia . Try to use less.
nitrines seems to be reducing some good chemicals. Our body uses his defences againsts those chemicals.

Alastair said on Sun, 4 Oct 2020 at 15:14...

Another thing to watch out for with heavy use is depression/anxiety.
I was a nervous wreck and could hardly manage visiting the local high-street without freaking out. But I really abused poppers, having 4-hour sessions etc.

Canarias said on Sat, 10 Oct 2020 at 11:14...

I have tested several poppers brands:

Rush Original (Isopropyl nitrite 50% + Isopropyl alcohol 50%)
Rush back label Pentyl (N-Pentyl nitrite 70% + Mix of N-Pentanol and other fusel oils)
Jungle Juice Gold Triple destilled (Pentyl nitrite + Mix of N-Pentanol and Heptanol isomers)

All brands produced a yellow spot (sometimes with purple core) in my central vision when the concentration exceeded a certain limit ("deep hit";-). I used only a single deep breath for orgasm enhancement.

The Rush Isopropyl made my brain foggy for several days and gave me intense headaches and super strong orgasm.
The Rush black label Pentyl produced a dry sensation in my respiratory tract and let me feel sick, but nice sexual feeling
The Jungle Juice produced a long lasting vision defect and very nice sexual feeling

I am afraid but there is no safe poppers brand to my knowledge. All tested brands produce the desired effects of head rush but none of them without also producing toxic effects. So there is no safe concentration which achieves the desired effects without producing harm. My observation is that the main difference between isopropyl and pentyl based poppers is just the vapor pressure, so it is easier to get a deep hit (and intoxination) with isopropyl than with pentyl.

So, face it: If you want to use Poppers, you are hurting yourself. There is no free ride. You pay with your health.

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 10 Oct 2020 at 18:39...

Practically everything is toxic if you are exposed to or consume too much. Even oxygen is considered toxic as it is very reactive when it gets into our bodies. Thus, too much O2 is not good.

Inhaling small amounts of nitrites might be beneficial, especially for those with stiff arteries and high blood pressure. Anytime there's a need for vasodilation, nitrite inhalation could be a benefit. But the optimum dose is unknown.

I have found repeatedly that amyl nitrite DOES NOT give me the toxic ill effects that the butyls and isopropyls do. I make the ones I inhale so I am well aware of the base alcohol used.

101st Chairborne said on Sun, 11 Oct 2020 at 10:35...

Thank you, Dr Canarias! You tested on yourself and reached a conclusion! You do not state how old you are, how fat, whether you a regular (or previous) smoker / drinker, or have any conditions like peripheral nerve damage (I guess you have) Any nitrite (and many other things too) will cause this reaction in folks who have less than ideal health. The same reason why poppers have different effects at age 20 as opposed to age 50. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work this out.

Poppers are largely safe, but will create a reaction if you are over a certain age, or have any health issues like hypertension. Nitritespecialist is correct to say amyl is largely reaction-free; that is to do with the molecular structure. If poppers are having the effects you describe you should stop - I would also advise you to have a full health check with particular regard to circulatory and nerve function. To suggest that this "reaction" has as a primary cause your poppers use, that is not correct.

Canarias said on Wed, 14 Oct 2020 at 08:40...

@Nitritespecialist: Would you prefer n-pentyl-nitrite or iso-pentyl-nitrite? Have you tried both? Is one more toxic than the other?

According to the label the Rush Pentyl Black Label had n-pentyl-nitrite 70% and it had a very pleasant mango fruit like smell. I warmed it up below my armpit to ~35C to build up vapor pressure so that I could get a pleasant hit (at 20 C it had very low vapor pressure, not enough for geeting a good head rush). Unfortunately, when warmed, it gave me a ~1 hour lasting yellow spot in my vision, and a very dry respiratory tract, and after some days of using it (one hit/day) I really felt sick.

The Jungle Juice triple destilled pentyl had "pentyle" according to the label and "triple destilled" so I hoped it would be more pure, but its smell was less fruity and more chemical. When freezing it to -20C there was deposit of crystals inside the liquid, so it is clear that it was not pure and contained a component with a higher melting point than iso-pentyle-nitrite. And when opening the bottle there was always a fizz of gas sparkling from the liquid, so this means that it contained a volatile component as well, maybe iso-propyle-nitrite. The JJ was very toxic to me, and hurt my vision for at least one month, I still have on my left eye blurry vision and on both eyes a ever-so-slightly, but still noticable, yellow spot in the center.

I am really unsure if there exists a safe poppers where you can enjoy its effect without hurting yourself terribly.

Flameguy said on Thu, 19 Nov 2020 at 00:35...

Sadly I used poppers for over 10 years and they only messed up my health. I was trying not to use them every time I JO, but the feeling was not the same, so I was pulling out a bottle again and again.
Eventually I built tolerance to poppers, tried different brands, but the high was never the same.
I got a bunch of side effects which takes forever to disappear - sore muscles, constantly tired, itchy watery eyes, light sensitivity, hard to concentrate..
I tried to quit a few times - the symptoms were getting better, the last time I was out of poppers for almost a year, but unfortunately I got another bottle - and everything came back. I also developed an allergic reaction - rash around ankles.
No more poppers for me.. Takes forever to recover, my advice - just quit them now, not to regret later..

AndyB said on Fri, 25 Dec 2020 at 04:07...

If you are only doing 1-2 sniffs per session, but doing it daily- I dont think that sounds excessive. Everyone reacts different to them, with blood pressure, headaches, problems with vision. If youve only used them for a month or two, Id quit using them or save them for a treat every few months of less. You can enjoy using them with jo session and it can be a difficult cycle to break.

Wenis said on Wed, 21 Dec 2022 at 22:48...

U said u order from Sigma can u drop the link pls?

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