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Topic created by 101st Chairborne
on Sun, 26 Jul 2020 at 08:21

101st Chairborne said on Sun, 26 Jul 2020 at 08:21...

Back in the day, that time of PWD in Indiana, and the rule of sanity generally, there was valid, peer tested, and grounded information regarding poppers, a family of volatile nitrites. There was a website, called allaboutpoppers.com, that had, in one place, all the detailed scientific evidence / history / cultural background. Wikipedia as well, for a precis.

Fast forward to now: baseless claims about secret formulas, mystical ingredients added to PWD Rush (Miller era), speculation stated as fact, discord and drama. It is like The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. That party is also a fitting metaphor for current politics in the US, Brazil, and many other places.

It seems to me that this all-knowing, I am right because I "know", mindset is a reflection of wider society. People should calm down; test opinions based upon science and REALITY, not state them as fact in the manner of a partisan zealot.

If you do not like amyl, that is OK. But it does not mean that people that do are hell-bound sinners against orthodoxy. If you do not like IBN that is also OK, it is also OK to like it. Personal preference my friends is not a bad thing. Tolerance of others, and the glorious rainbow of difference, is desirable. Do not bring partisan discord to poppers, there is too much of it in the wider world. Go in peace.

Count Alucard said on Mon, 27 Jul 2020 at 10:46...

allaboutpoppers.com, !!!
Probably the greatest popper site of all time.
Remnants are still viewable::


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