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A Short Review

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Topic created by Crashing
on Mon, 6 Jul 2020 at 08:04

Crashing said on Mon, 6 Jul 2020 at 08:04...

So, for some reason my original review was deleted... not blaming the admin, there was apparently a problem. In my infinite wisdom I wrote a draft/hard copy before posting it.

I decided to write a short review on a couple of purchases we made after reading some of the other topics on this discussion forum.
Recently (now about 5weeks ago) we bought three bottles of poppers from our local sex shops for our pegging sessions.
A bottle of 9ml Rush Original ($9), 13ml Jolt Override ($8) and 30ml Man Scent ($10). I know right, poppers are cheap in SA. Most bottles range from between $8-$15 each depending on the size.

Firstly, I’ll get into what’s on/in the bottles; i.e chemical make up as stated on the packaging.

9ml Rush Original with Power Pak Pellet – Isobutyl Nitrite.
Now disappointingly, there was no pellet in the bottle, even when checking every other bottle on the shelf and the fact that every bottle is supposed to have the Pellet as stated not one bottle did.

13ml Jolt Override – Isoamyl Nitrite (CAS 110-46-3), EC 203-770-8-UN N 1992, Isopentanol (CAS123-51-3).

30ml Man Scent – Isobutyl Nitrite.

Secondly, what they do to ME. Obviously, this will be different for each user and of course the frequency of use of each user.

Rush Original – I know this brand from my party/rave days from 18 years ago. We mostly used it as a catalyst for slow working EX, Molly and Special-K. This has a fairly strong, sharp smell, the rush is almost immediate with a strong head feel and extremely fast heartbeat that lasts for up to 3-4min. It’s also the one that makes the feeling of being pegged the most intense and has a more all over body feel.

Jolt Override – This has a very pleasant, mild, sweet smell, the rush comes on after about 15-20secs and lasts for about 3-4min. The rush builds up slowly at first, and ebbs and flows in gradual waves. If I concentrate, I can almost control the rush as the pegging session intensifies. It gives a fairly fast heartbeat and the head feel is more euphoric but doesn’t have as intense, tingling body feel of Rush.

Man Scent – Has about the same smell as the Rush, if not as strong and the effects are about the same as Jolt but don’t seem to last as long, probably why it’s one of the biggest bottles available. Proving the age-old adage, more isn’t always better… one other gripe I have was with the lid of the bottle, which cracked when I tried to close it during one of our sessions.

Overall, they all seem to have similar effects to each other, some have a more intense body feel, while others a more euphoric head rush.
Now because of the current lockdown, the freshness of the products would have come into play here as well but as we only opened them when it was time to use and test, out of the bottle these were my findings.

On a different note. I work for a specialist chemical import company. I can buy 50 pound bags of Sod Nitrite (in short supply at the mo) and Sod Bicarb, 50pound (plastic jerry cans) Isopropyl Alc, n-Propyl Alc and n-Butanol Alc (also in short supply atm) as well as 55pound HCL Acid and 80pound Sulphuric Acid cans.
Provided I declare that I won’t be making explosives with the chemicals I can pretty much buy as much as I want and no-one will bat an eyelid. It is very difficult to get smaller quantities though as they are a importer and wholesaler of these goods.

As soon as I have a little spare funding available, I’m going to give a try at making my own IsoPropyl/n-Propyl and n-Butyl Nitrite poppers and report back. Sorry no exports here, this will be for personal use… and no, not all at once.

I am aware that the freshness of the reagents/chemicals is important as well as the Grade. Mostly I will use food grade chemicals where available.

George Smiley said on Mon, 13 Jul 2020 at 23:41...

Why bother making isopropyl? You might as well make rat's piss.
n-Butyl however sounds like a good idea.

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