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Favorite thing to do on Poppers?!

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Topic created by PopperLikeItsHot
on Thu, 13 Feb 2020 at 18:02

PopperLikeItsHot said on Thu, 13 Feb 2020 at 18:02...

What’s everyone’s favorite thing to do on poppers? Yeah I’m sure the first natural response is ‘fucking’ but what exactly? I love my girl toying with my ass while she’s blowing me, or another partner in the mix blowing me while getting pegged is sublime.
Also, what about outside the bedroom? I saw somewhere on here where apparently skydivers will take a hit before jumping out the plane, that’s sounds fucking awesome and definitely want to try that one day! In the meantime, my favorite thing to do outside the bedroom is taking hits while going up the lift hill on a roller coaster, the rush comes in right when you take the first big drop. Makes for the most incredible ‘ride’ u can imagine. Pro-tip, windbreaker/jacket with a front zip pocket makes it quick to put the bottle away or, a long sleeve shirt with a tight sleeve around the wrist to stuff the bottle into the sleeve. Or u can also just keep it fisted in you hand and ‘fist bump’ the air while you go throughout the ride.

So let’s here what you all like to do on poppers!


Eliot said on Fri, 14 Feb 2020 at 11:42...

Reading the Financial Times.

Meldrew said on Fri, 14 Feb 2020 at 16:48...

apparently skydivers

Probably a myth. There is also one about kamikaze pilots and another about The Wehrmacht using poppers.

Guttrunks said on Fri, 28 Feb 2020 at 19:52...

According to a venerable historian of my acquaintance The Third Reich was awash with peculiar medicines. I understand Hitler himself turned the Berghof into a type of opium den. He spent a lot of time asleep, or in the lavatory, and had a personal physician who administered injections of his own devising. It is well know that Hitler suffered terribly from painful flatulence; trapped wind I believe it is called. What is not well known is he spent a lot of time taking afternoon tea, watching films, and giving aggressive lectures on dog breeding. I have long suspected he was a drug addled lunatic, it would not surprise me to learn that amyl nitrite was part of his chemical soup. Three of his girlfriends (one was a relative) committed suicide, rumors of liaisons with other men, and his alleged interest in a unspeakable vice, suggest he was man who had a bizarre private life.

Firsttimer said on Sat, 29 Feb 2020 at 01:09...

Amphetamines are the most suspected as use was widespread among soldiers then, even being standard issue in their kits. No doubt Hitler was addled with that and who knows what else. And kamikaze pilots etc there's no doubt. No fear, little to no pain, no need to sleep or eat; it's the perfect war drug. Poppers may have had their illicit uses as well at that time sure, maybe for certain off duty activities ;-). But I wonder ‐ like someone else posted here somewhere - how the use of poppers would combine with meth or other amphetamines since amphetamines are a vasoconstrictor and of course nitrites a vasodilator. Wonder if anyone with experience with that could say...

Guttrunks said on Sat, 29 Feb 2020 at 14:01...

Indeed the original purpose of that stimulant was not to encourage wild all-night orgies. However, who can say whether those talking it for "nerve stimulation" or similar, were not also aware of its effects on inhibition (which causes men to refrain from wishing to insert objects into others, or vice-versa). The same might be said of amyl of course, sold as a medicine, but also used for other purposes. Perhaps Ernst Rohm was aware of this.

It might be noted, by way of scholarly discourse, that Goering was addicted to tranquilizers, was a kleptomaniac, and a glutton. Himmler used ladies makeup and was very particular about his appearance. The man was also obsessed with finding a "giant weapon" through archeology. Himmler believed that Germans were the original occupants of Atlantis, and had at their disposal a mighty cannon capable of producing thunder bolts. He funded the research of Amt Rosenberg in this regard. Himmler was a dove-chested bureaucrat who fancied himself as a soldier; whether he fancied soldiers, I cannot say.

It is my contention that much of the hierarchy of this diabolical time were insane. Limping through this coterie is Goebbels - a man who sanitized the bizarre into a deplorable ideology. Of course there is also Hesse, a candidate for Bedlam if ever there was one; Speer a architect who specialized in phallic structures and neo-classical camp; the list goes on.

It is has been my long-held belief that Hitler was intoxicated when going off on one of his infamous rants. Afterwards, he was noticeably morbid and took to his bed chamber. He used his chronic flatulence as a cover, and insisted on eating foods that were known to create intestinal bloating; thereafter being able to receive injections from Theodor Morell without undue scrutiny. This would account for his predilection to talk endlessly (about annoying trivial subjects) to his guests, his wild eyes, and his suspiciously frequent visits to the lavatory.

Mam said on Sun, 1 Mar 2020 at 10:18...

Does it answer the OP's polite question? No. If you wish to discuss your ideas there are many other places you could do that, no?

Guttrunks said on Tue, 3 Mar 2020 at 17:59...

Two gentlemen discussing matters of history, somewhat akin to the refined discourse of a traditional club. This you find this surprising. As for the question posed by LikeitHot; I imagine it goes without saying what most people "do" on poppers. I find fellows here most conducive to civilized debate. Alas, that is not the case everywhere. Bad tempers, ill breeding, and horrid things called emoticons plague the World Wide Web. I apologize if I have offended your sensibilities, Mam.

fillyfiddler said on Tue, 17 Mar 2020 at 06:02...

I like to listen to relaxing music, riding my Doc Johnson B10 and bunker buster. A little bit of electro stim, followed by a nice relaxing nap.

Qwikdik said on Sun, 12 Apr 2020 at 10:09...

My favourite thing to do on poppers is find a vaccine for the coronavirus!!!

Illdoit said on Fri, 17 Apr 2020 at 22:45...

Favorite thing to do on poppers? Accommodating multiple men who want to fuck me silly ... starting with an average size dick, and seeing how many more, and how large I can handle.

Gay ho said on Tue, 21 Apr 2020 at 13:11...

To be fucked in the arse by a huge cock again and again until my daddy has destroyed my pussy and come in me. Then I would sniff on it again and stroke my willy while daddy fists me. Poppers make me a great slut and turn me into a good boy for my daddy.

Roger said on Tue, 28 Apr 2020 at 22:11...

Calligraphy and/or brass rubbing.

Sorry, what was the question?

asdf1010 said on Tue, 12 May 2020 at 23:05...

Fucking my ass with grotesquely large dildos. Lovely long sessions with plenty of lube, plenty of good fisting porn & a fresh bottle; heaven.

Getting to that point where my asshole is completely slack and just hanging open is always the goal, I really get off on feeling how loose it makes me and how it allows me to really stretch my guts out to another level.

My favourite toy of all time is the Dick Rambone. I've spent countless hours lying on my back on my bed, head whooshing, piston fucking myself with it, I'd say that's my favourite thing to do. The poppers makes it so easy to pummel my prostate so hard and fast, it just hangs there like a 'press for seizure grade orgasm' button it's absolute bliss.

It's took me many years of dedicated training to get to that level though, I've had countless nightmare nights, wasted money and weak batches but it's all worth it when you cum so hard you completely lose bladder control
( n_n)

Rock D. Hard said on Wed, 13 May 2020 at 02:23...

I love to gargle fun after a guy bums in my
Mouth while poppered up.

Rock D Hard said on Thu, 14 May 2020 at 03:25...

Fucking auto correct!!!!!

I love to gargle cum after a guy shoots in my
mouth while fucked up on poppers.

William Apple said on Sun, 24 May 2020 at 10:41...

Ernst Rohm was discovered in a hotel in bed with a man! I do not know if true but i heard Hitler walked into that hotel bedroom with a whip when they raided. In other rooms also Rohm's officers were in the same position. They were sleeping off a hangover and all had "rough trade" as well. only one had a chambermaid, but maybe that was a cross-dress? If amyl nitrite was sold then I think Rohm and his friends would know how it worked! Obviously they were not nice people, but bad people use poppers too. The incident is known as Night of The Long Knives and happened sometime in 1930s.

Crashing said on Mon, 25 May 2020 at 08:07...

My favorite thing to do on Poppers...
I like to slip into one of my sexy crotchless bodysuits or lingerie and put on a little strip tease show for my fiance, with lots of touching, kissing and caressing.
Then when we are both super turned on, she (yes we're hetro) she will put on her strapon harness and I'll choose which cock she gets to fuck me with first.
We usually start with a medium sized purple jelly dong (7' long x 1.5' thick). I'll kneel down in front of her and lick, stroke, suck and deepthroat her pseudo cock until we are both dripping with anticipation, that action gets me super hard.
Then she will stand me up and depending on how she feels, she will either lie on her back to get me to straddle her love pole or she will bend me over the edge of the bed and ream me from there.

When it starts.... I'll take a smallish hit first time just as her 'cock' presses against my entrance, then as she slowly enters me I'll take a bit bigger hit, allowing my arse to stretch over her love stick.

Then it's on... with her ploughing my back-door love tunnel, I'll take med hits, every 5-8 min. I moan and groan, most often my face will contort in pure bliss, my body will spasm and the first of the Anal/Prostate orgasms will start to flush over me... at first, very small "reaching" orgasms will start deep in my guts.
Once I have had a couple of small body orgasms, with a little cum oozing from my dick for good measure, we will switch over to our bigger dildo, (this one is black, ribbed, ridged like anal beads and a bit larger than the first dildo 8' long x 2.1' thick)
As her tempo and thrusts increase, I'll take another big Popper hit as the 'floods' start come cum over me, first in small waves building to a cresendo with my nerves firing all at once all over my body.
By this time, I'm in heaven, her big black cock thrusting in and out of my now very loose anus, my prostate bouncing against the head of her cock. Over and over I'll orgasm, sometimes releasing a stream of thick sticky white cum from my penis

The orgasms get so intense, that my anal canal will push against her 'cock' and sometimes even push her out as she thrusts into me and I even lose total control of my bladder as the orgasms pull at me.

I didn't know it was possible, but I have had three different types of orgasms, the normal penile ejaculation, the Prostate orgasm and an Anal orgasm, the last two being my favorite ones to have.

Gryzyrg said on Mon, 1 Jun 2020 at 06:48...

Wow, I feel sorta tame now, but here goes...

I put on 3 screens of porn; one of a loop of all my favorite porn images and gifs to one side, second is various favorite hentai/comics on another side monitor, the central monitor I have a playlist or sometimes layered videos going of usually gooning and sometimes trance videos.

Once set up, I have all my toys nearby; plenty of lube, poppers, Pipe of green, Anal vibrator want for the prostate, cock sleeve to stroke, and penis pump for bonus rounds.

I start off easing into porn and eventual gooning with the hentai and comics, glancing at my favorite porn images and captions. As I get really horny, I start a video or layer a pair and get a sniff of poppers while I lube up my cock sleeve.

Once I've edged once really good, I relax a moment to lube up and ease the wand up my ass and set it to a gentle vibe, then back to some more mindless pumping with my favorite videos and a good few tokes on the pipe.

As my high starts to set a relax in place, I ramp up the raunchy on some videos to edge myself up... I slightly crank the vibe on my prostate, sometimes with a bit of precum by now, sniff the poppers and shortly after bust out a fucking mind blowing blissed out load!

Then quickly before I cool down, take another good huff off the poppers, crank up the vibe over my prostate to high and suck my cock up inside my penis pump to keep it nice and hard while the porn plays on entrancing rhythm and bi-neural beats.

The second big wave of the poppers has me horny as fuck even after the load I busted, my cock is pumped up still hard and aching for touch, porn sluts are moaning in my ear and gooning out with me, porn captions flashing in the corner of my wavy tunnel vision encourage me to pump, stroke, drool, precum, repeat lead me to grab my penis pump like it were an extension of my dick and stroke it, the suction at the base of my dick the only contact with my cock as the poppers wash over me...

I spend a few minutes rotating between puffs of the pipe, releasing and pumping pressure around my cock in the tube, tugging my aching balls, tugging on the tube around my cock, cycling porn vids.

Then once I can feel it all building again, I have another hit of poppers and release my aching cock from the pump. I super fucking high, I'm horny as fuck on poppers,gooning out on porn like a mindless idiot, trembling and buzzing from prostate to cock-tip, lubed up slick and jerking my aching dick like a madman in another blissful haze of euphoria.

NPW said on Mon, 13 Jul 2020 at 15:43...

I like to use them for jacking off to porn.

As for the Nazis, I do believe SS men had poppers in their kits, and it was used for sexual, i.e. masturbation purposes out in the field. Distributed for the same reason the rubber blow up dolls were. Also by S.S. doctors to facilitate collection of more copious samples of semen/sperm for the lebensborn program (for SS men who did not have time to visit one of the centers before going to the front). It is also worth noting the huge amount of phallic imagery and symbolism in Nazism, and its focus on maleness, masculinity, power and strength.

TheGlansBaby said on Tue, 14 Jul 2020 at 15:50...

I do a little 'house-cleaning' and make sure I polish my DOME!
Mainly start getting into penis-head-centered play, stroking, pumping, palming, jacking, jerking, my glans penis pleasure head arousing & worship, and get my helmet head throbbing and flared with pisslit open, and precum pouring out the tip.
Gorge myself on cumshot porn, have dirty verbal penis bate sessions via webcame or virtual circle jerk session on a variety of different hot cam sites.
Eventually I spray & squirt & shoot so hard, and ejaculate semen like a firehose, and tremble with satisfaction!

GB36 said on Sat, 8 Aug 2020 at 13:11...

Obviously for when having sex is a no brainer answer. Toying myself with various large plugs while on a substance is great & watching live sex videos with poppers helps with guiding the plugs in easier. Sex leading to both myself & partner fisting each other are highlighted with popper use.
Outside Of the bedroom - used to love taking it when at a crowded dance party, all hot & sweaty with friends & fav tune comes on. Quick sniff & bang! you're floating off to the beat - & if you're with someone else whose the same the snogging and groping is just wild. Alas, it's been a while tho :-(

StraightTrannyLuvr said on Mon, 24 Aug 2020 at 03:39...

Best I’ve ever had was after a night of moderate drinking, wasn’t drunk bud had a good buzz going. Came home took a few rips from the bong then grabbed my wife’s (who was passed out drunk) dildo and vibrator and got in the shower with nearly scalding hot water and my cell phone, so glad they are waterproof now lol. I have several playlists ranging from Straight gangbangs to sissy Hypnos to Hardcore gay porn. I started with the straight gangbang/popper hero style videos and I watched those without touching myself for maybe 15 minutes. I then started in on the sissy Hypnos and tranny worship style videos, grabbed the vibrator and just rimmed my asshole for another 15, never penetrating but taking a hit of poppers every 3-5 minutes. The vibrator felt amazing but I was losing my erection due to so many poppers. I then play my gay playlist with mostly popper trainers and started to hug along with all the boys. By this time I was totally limp and decided it was time for the dildo (it’s a 9” with a suction cup at the end) There’s a built in seat/shelf in our shower so I plopped the dildo on that and hovered over it then slowly slid down onto it. As it began to stretch my hole, I noticed my cock getting hard again and it caused me to take more and more huffs. Within a 5 minutes I was bouncing on that thing like a maniac. I took the whole 9 inches and was wishing it was longer. The feeling was incredible but I felt like an acrobat. I decided to move the dildo to the side of the bench seat and got on my knees backing into it. The water was coming down on my back almost burning but it was perfect. I decided to Match the pace of the cocks in the video thrusting back with each pump of the cocks. Before long I was back to a feverish almost violent pace and each huff made me want more, I thin put the vibratory on the top of my dick which was completely flaccid again and it was literally mind altering. I was increasingly turned on by the idea of cumming while my cock was soft and that’s exactly what happened.
It was as if the orgasm lasted for 5 minutes, I just kept jizzing and kept bouncing back on the dildo until I just couldn’t take the euphoria any more. It was the best day of my life. I have yet to duplicate that feeling.

Buffalo Bill said on Thu, 10 Sep 2020 at 06:08...

It rubs the lotion on it's shoulders. It does this whenever it's told.

Joe said on Thu, 18 Nov 2021 at 12:52...

The poppers stay in the bedroom with that mentioned, enjoy hits:

1) Wife sucking my cock while working the plug in my ass w/ her free hand hand.

2) On all fours, take a hit and push back on her strapon.

3) If really hyped up, taking a hit, inserting my SnugPlug 6 (2.2" diameter/7" circumference) and then penetrating her anally.

Mario lopez lovebigtranytool said on Thu, 22 Sep 2022 at 16:15...

I enjoy sniffing poppers and pleasing my my girlfriend's beautiful 9 inch candy

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