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I am NOT a chemists yet want good, effective poppers

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Topic created by NewBoyOnTheBlock
on Sun, 19 Jan 2020 at 16:36

NewBoyOnTheBlock said on Sun, 19 Jan 2020 at 16:36...

OMG, the majority of us, out here are NOT chemists. I have read enough to know, I don't want ISO (alcohol based) poppers. Yet I cannot even conceive of "making my own".
Can someone, ANYONE just recommend, WHERE to order good, effective poppers, from a place that is consistent in quality and excellent in delivery. The bottom line is THAT is what most of us are looking for. I know, different strokes for different folks and ALL of that, but I for one would be elated to open this page and read " Try this brand & name from this online dot com. I have recently got them & they are good. They are "sexual" and they last longer than 1 usage.
The last time I enjoyed poppers and they actually lasted for a bunch of usages was when USPOPSHOP was in business. Anyone know any product even close to that or better ?

John said on Sun, 19 Jan 2020 at 18:42...

From my other side of the Atlantic (European) it look like you still have or "had" breweries with some acclaimed products and this might only be the only other alternative to obtain average to good product quality, first one seems being able to self DIY or by luck knowing a chemist agreeing to make you some or order some from a chemical supplier.

I'm afraid OTC brands in US and in Europe are mostly coming from the 2 or 3 Shenzhen factories ( Google awj and poppers ...) and then by magic of traders are sold to us like or this or this "real deal", genuine, direct distributor from the well known Canadian manufacturer and all this crap.

Unfortunately i seem to be very sensitive to any side effects with OTC products I could put my hand on in my location and i expect this sensitivity to be related to crap tainted or diluted products. I'll be able to make my mind when I get either real fresh homebrew n-amyl or n-butyl or any genuine pharmaceutical grade amyl (Australia or swiss ?) or big chemical company made ( btw seems very expensive from chemical companies which might be a hint on cost and yield for the real thing to be produced versus the cheap brown bottles they sell everywhere with 100% or more markup). Still hopeful, but after testing a lot there, nothing compares to the last good amyl or butyl I had from 2004. Still seeking but seems an hopeless quest.
My 2 cents...

FACTS ONLY said on Mon, 20 Jan 2020 at 09:14...

"OTC brands in US and in Europe are mostly coming from the 2 or 3 Shenzhen factories"

This statement is 100% incorrect.

USA: Two (or three) main manufacturers incl. PWD Rush / SVT etc + additional well known more recent manufacturer in TX. Additional long standing manufacturers exist in other places One only was closed due to private actions (not poppers related) of owner.

EUROPEAN: Numerous in UK (possibly 5 or 6) including Perpol etc. Mainland: Belgium 1, France 3 or 4, Portugal 1. plus Germany.

CANADA: Locker Room Marketing - exports worldwide incl. Europe, but not USA.

China products exist, yes. But their main market is Asia, Australia. Chinese products compete on price, but they have difficulty exporting to European and USA major wholesalers.

>butyl I had from 2004

Still exists in the USA, but it is not exported. It was in PWD Indiana days.

Keep it real, guyz.

NewBoyOnTheBlock said on Mon, 20 Jan 2020 at 16:37...

Thank you guys for even answering, but I am STILL looking for someone, ANYONE who has ordered Over the internet products from some dot com that is good. That has a sexual effect (in the user's opinion).
Can someone simplify this and say..."wow", I recently ordered ________ from the website________.com and it was pretty damn good.

Madeplentypoppers said on Mon, 20 Jan 2020 at 18:27...

Everyone wants to know what you do....since Joe Miller of PWD died in 2010 in Indian, nobody knows. Locker room in Canada was making poppers before he died. They made the original Jungle Juices. But they can't deliver to USA or sell in Canada. So not that easy to get. They do have distinctive packaging with BC, Canada on label.

Chemical companies might not add any stabilizer to their nitrites and so when received, they are degraded and acidic.

Anyone selling nitrites for inhalation knows they have to use stabilizers or the product won't last long.

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