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Vogel's amyl nitrite synthesis 1974

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Topic created by Madeplentypoppers
on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 at 15:56

Madeplentypoppers said on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 at 15:56...

Anyone can google this. I have tried it a few times and it seems like it might be better than the William Noyes method of 1933.

It's basically 9.5 grams SN into 37.5 mls H2O and 13.5 mls n-amyl alcohol....2.4 mls H2O into 3.4 mls conc. sulfuric.

Premix the cold acid/alcohol and then drop slowly into a container of the SN solution....surrounded by ice water. I manually stirred because of the thick white precipitate. Takes about 10 to 15 minutes to mix this volume.

Neutralize with sodium carbonate and brine. Dry on anhydrous sodium carbonate, or anhydrous mag sulfate.

Madeplentypoppers said on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 at 16:04...

You have to keep the reaction temps in the 30sF for best results. And drip in slowly as opposed to dumping into SN solution. This favors blue nitrous acid formation which is critical to making a good popper. You won't see the blue color, because it's combining with the alcohol rapidly to form a yellowish nitrite. Product should have low odor and have ample potency to have plenty of fun.

If the addition is too fast, or reaction temps are too warm or if one or more of the reagents are off, not pure enough, then results will vary and you could end up with a lot of undesirable impurities that will make the poppers less fun.

Mam said on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 at 17:09...

Perhaps you should make clear that you are not encouraging other folks to "try this at home" etc?

Madeplentypoppers said on Wed, 14 Aug 2019 at 20:11...

I DO NOT recommend making poppers. There will be problems and you won't know how to troubleshoot because you are not a chemist and you will be inhaling something that is likely impure and containing any number of unknown and toxic impurities.

There are probably more reasons than that, but the point is made.

madeplentyofpoppers said on Fri, 20 Sep 2019 at 16:30...

Yep...don't recommend making poppers for anyone who is satisfied enough with OTC - only for those who just have to have a certain type of popper

Linea said on Fri, 11 Oct 2019 at 23:49...

If H2SO4 is hard to come by and HCl (36%) is available and you don't do like Mam says then ....
35ml HCl + 30ml IBA (mix/freezer)
22.4g NaNO2 + 35ml H2O (mix/freezer)
Drip, stir, chill, stir, chill, stir, wash, dry.
Yields 32ml if your good. I got about 25ml bottled.
Just tried my first IBN mix and it's heady stuff with no skin, nose or throat irritation all the things that made me run from UK/EU sourced IPN (even those claiming to be AN).

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