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Manufacturer prices, better than from china

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Topic created by Mr poppers
on Thu, 2 May 2019 at 13:34

Mr poppers said on Thu, 2 May 2019 at 13:34...

Hey, i just saw a topic that was about ordering poppers from china.
DONT DO IT, theyr poppers are crap, they contain the right thing ussualy, but they are realy low quality, it will work but it will fuck up your body.
They dont wash out Hydrochloric acid, and Sulphuric acid for other kinds of Nitrite. It will burn you from the inside.

Better buy you poppers from EU, before a while i found a manufacturer popperpigs.com, im not sure if its related with the reddit popperpigs but they sure have low prices.

Contacted them via mail and was able to order jungle juice, 2 kinds of rush, blueboy for prices lower than it was from my chinese supplier.

Shipping was fast as fuck, offered to send via post or express post, tried both ways, came in 5 days and 19 days to US.

They provide lab results that shows that product is pure and not contaminated. I fucked up my health pretty good with chinese shit poppers so i can only advise to stick with EU market as its realy safe and as cheap as chinese.

P.S please tell me other sources where i could get a bottle below 2$ i would appreciate.

Mr poppers said on Thu, 2 May 2019 at 14:51...

Thanks for your words of warning, Mr poppers.

The problem is though what do we do here in Europe when nothing but isobutyl will do?

Mr poppers said on Thu, 2 May 2019 at 15:41...

Im selling them for a while, mostly what i order from previously mentioned site is isopropyl based poppers. They are completely different if they are fresh. Ok yeah, you will feel a little hangover in next morning, but it goes away pretty quick for me its usually like 2 hours and im good.

The thing with fresh poppers is that you dont use it as much as one that has been stored. I guess the potency is much grater when its fresh.
Some of my friends have made isopropyl at home and told that they are realy nice when fresh, but when its stored longer than few months they lose their potency and even the smell of it changes.

It might be true, as the regular way to get poppers is manufacturer makes it , sells to distributor , distributor sends out to retail places and only then it can be sold to end customer, that should be time consuming processs. All i can advise is buy fresh.

popperqueen said on Fri, 3 May 2019 at 01:40...

Best I have tried in years is True iso aml. from US site. Their ad is cloaked. See previous three titled "Good Poppers" on where to get it.

PPguy said on Fri, 3 May 2019 at 07:38...

Can you Give me the page from Eu Poppers.
I ordered some Poppers

Mam said on Fri, 3 May 2019 at 13:57...

I thought the received wisdom was that IPN was desirable as it had the longest shelf-life. What is the issue with acid washing? It is a process that is sometimes omitted as I understand the post. Anyone know how that works..

Mr poppers said on Tue, 7 May 2019 at 17:43...

Mam, it basicaly means that the solution has x% of acid in it. The synthesis of alkyl nitrites requires acid solution, and usually lazy chemists, home chemists, or somone who deals in super large quantitys or provides low cost, skips the step when the particles of acid are washed out, usually with Sodium bicarbonate etc. Its not super time consuming but yeah, they skip it and saves arround 40minutes to 1 hour on each batch.

The popperspigs company washes out acid and distills the product afterwards so its of its highest quality and longest shelf life.

Mr Poppers said on Tue, 7 May 2019 at 17:43...

Here is the mine supplier link if anyone is intersted https://www.popperpigs.com/

taylor2u2 said on Fri, 24 May 2019 at 16:14... said on Sun, 16 Jun 2019 at 09:41...


Has anyone been able to locate a vendor who not only carries Highrise Ultra Strong (RED bottle)? But, most importantly, actually will ship Highrise Ultra Strong to the States? I have been able to order and receive Highrise (BLUE bottle). But, no luck with ordering and then shipping Highrise Ultra Strong to the U.S. By the wat, the Highrise (BLUE) was surprisingly good and I've read that the Highrise Ultra Strong is even better?

Retard said on Fri, 14 Feb 2020 at 14:55...

Hey mr poppers. You didn't change your name when you replied to yourself, stupid.

90's popper vet said on Sun, 24 May 2020 at 08:15...

Ok here is the lowdown 70s 80s and early 90s poppers were the bomb they did what they were designed to do and you could use them all night and go the next night on the same bottle that's how good it was.
Late 90s to now snort for too long too often bring on the headaches, impotence, burnt skin on the nose feeling like crap the next day. you might find a good popper that you think's good but unless you experienced poppers from the golden era of poppers you really have no idea. Popper dealers manufacturers are making huge profits selling the crap they make now. You can blame regulation.

Jexx said on Wed, 24 Feb 2021 at 15:24...

Hi, is there anyone here suppliers of poppers in china?

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