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Topic created by JustaGuy
on Tue, 16 Apr 2019 at 21:25

JustaGuy said on Tue, 16 Apr 2019 at 21:25...

I first started using them in the US in the early 2000's and I remember them being incredibly strong. Nowadays I have to hunt and search to find a brand that even comes halfway to that level of intensity. In fact, some are just crap at the first whiff. Can anyone tell me what changed to make them weaker and some reccommendations for brands (esp. private ones) that will give me that feeling I used to get?

Anonymous said on Wed, 21 Aug 2019 at 23:02...

Well, I ordered from the German website and got the pentyl nitrite Rush and it's great. The reality is that if you've been using for a long time then your memories of your first hit will always be more nostalgia than actual history. I took a hit of Jungle Juice around 2009 and could have sworn I was about to leave my body and astral project. 10 years later it's just poppers and not a divine experience. Take a 90-day break and get a name brand like Rush or Jungle Juice and it will feel strong again. I know what you are saying but anything you try and like will always make you chase the dragon. This is why I will never use hardcore drugs. I'd be done for.

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