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Vision recovery

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Topic created by Alex
on Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 13:27

Alex said on Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 13:27...

Hi guys. I was wondering for those who had vision problem after using isopropyl poppers, did anyone of you fully recovered from it? How long did it take? I was very unlucky to have tried isopropyl and soon after my vision was all messed up. It started with a purple clouds, then after a day or so that was gone but everything's was like glowing or out of focus :-( reading on screen was very hard for 2 or 3 days. Now just over two weeks my sight is much better and the glowing effect is almost gone but still there and somehow it still hard to focus on small things:-( i am very worried and stressed. I guess I am looking for some sort of confort or reassurance... :-(

Anonymous said on Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 16:40...

XD for how long did you have the problem?

Jako said on Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 18:20...

A lot of valuable info here on 'Poppers Maculopathy'


Alex said on Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 19:33...

Thanks Jako I have read all of that before. But I would like to know from all the people who had problems with their eyes how long did it take to heal and if it was a complete recovery :/

jnr v said on Sat, 27 Apr 2019 at 15:04...

took me about a year from being diagnosed with popper maculopathy to full vision returning and confirmation by the hospital.

i was a heavy popper user until this happened.

Alex said on Thu, 2 May 2019 at 16:18...

Almost fully recovered in a month and a half. The flashing bulb in my eye sight is hardly visible and I can see clearly to the point that I forget that I am not fully recovered yet...I'd say 95% there. So I am very happy, I think two more weeks and I should be back 100% :-) hope it will give hope and confort to those who are still recovering.

Rock said on Sun, 9 Jun 2019 at 00:44...

I had the fuzzy sight from isopropyl for 2 weeks, a year ago and walking down the street faces were just blurred. It took 3 weeks to be back to feel normal. Fine now, just avoid isopropyl now and use butyl and pentyl or amyl now and no problems, apart from week buzz

"Pops" said on Wed, 27 Nov 2019 at 11:57...

I found out that the more and more you use it, the more ineffective. In my
case it has caused constant diarrhea.

Scared popper idiot said on Tue, 3 Dec 2019 at 17:07...

Hey guys - have been a very occasional user of poppers, once in a few months. Used a new brand - Berlin xxxx this Saturday night - and woke up the next morning with vision problems. I finished 1/5th of the bottle - so didnít do too much. The next day I realized that I could not read beyond a certain distance, everything is a blur and faces are not clear in the sun light or otherwise. Vision far away is really poor at this point. And I am freaking out. I have scanned these blogs from top to bottom but canít seem to draw any conclusion. I have started taking vitamins (presavision 3) from Bausch & Lomb and some berry pills. But donít seem to notice any improvement three days later. Any ideas on how to speed up the process? Iím terrified this may be permanent and scared to own up to it in public. No one knows that I use poppers, so it freaks me out even more . Any other tips on accelerating recovery? Please help - going crazy here. Obviously I will not touch them again, not even addicted actually and just used them for leisure/pleasure. If anyone has any advice on how to ride out this storm and ways to make a full recovery, I will be indebted to you forever!

John said on Fri, 6 Mar 2020 at 00:57...

Alex, Iím on day 3 with messed up eyes. It was my first time trying poppers. I had perfect vision before this and Iím pretty concerned. Iím curious how your eyes are doing now. Thanks

Spain said on Wed, 5 Aug 2020 at 14:31...

Hi guys!
I had the same problem. Glow and blurred vision. It is not week 8th.
I notice the blurred vision during the hours of darkness when I try to read my phone. Do you notice it more during hours of darkness?
Iím so scared . Hope anyone can help me out. I notice the blurred vision on my phone when there is no light.

JoshVR said on Tue, 18 Aug 2020 at 02:39...

This is the reality of doing this drug - I am in the process of doing my own blog for health concerns regarding this - as this forum is very unhelpful I'm 3 months on and still sensitive to light

GreenBlobVision said on Tue, 6 Oct 2020 at 10:30...

Hi everyone,

From me it's day 5 and I can notice some slight improvement but not really sure. Here are some details:

After Snoring Rush -brand- my central vision got deteriorated. I see a green blob similar to that lingering stain after you see a bright light. I can still read but it is a bit more awkward and faces in the distance are harder to recognise. Photoreceptors seemed damaged. It's harder to read some coloured text.

Went to the doctor and he said this is not the first case he sees and hopes that my vision will get better in a few months. He saw that my optical nerve was swollen and prescribed the following drugs, note that the brand names are from products purchased here in Switzerland:

1. Prednison Streuli 50 mg -Synthetic Corticoid-steroid-
Full tablet every morning for the first three days, half a tablet the following 3 days and 1/4 tablet for the last three days.

2. Vitalux Plus - Suplement containing Lutein and Omega oils. One a day with lunch

4. Vitamin A eye ointment - Before sleep

3. Optava -Artificial tear drops because my eyes were dry-

Obviously please ask your doctor about taking stuff off the counter. specially the corticoid steroids. Just wanna drop this here in case it helps someone.

Hope everyone gets their vision back and takes care... Not doing poppers ever again here.

Good Luck and much love to everyone! be strong!

Fae said on Wed, 14 Oct 2020 at 22:03...

I have the same symptoms as the last poster - canít see faces or read writing from a certain distance...looks like when someone takes a pic of you and the flash light stays there. Screens are hard to look at for long.. This is from using poppers a few times over the past few weeks. Iíve only used them a few times! Woke up the morning after sniffing quite a bit and my eyes were fucked! Itís been about 5 days for me and no improve...I worry itís getting worse but thatís prob my anxiety somewhat. Iíve booked an eye test tomorrow to see the optometrist to try put my mind at rest

Han-solo said on Fri, 23 Oct 2020 at 11:13...

I'm here as today I have spent maybe 2 hours doing a solo session and have a bottle of liquid gold, I'm not a regular user maybe one session every few months but I was mid session today and I looked up and it literally looked like the room had filled with smoke, I quickly jumped up and ran around my house looking for a fire, I couldn't smell smoke but every room I went into had the exact same smoke in it. I looked at the light bulb and it had a rainbow ring around it, I spent maybe 30 mins searching high and low for something on fire but there was nothing, then it hit me..... The poppers have caused this issue, I put my hand in front of the ceiling light and the fog dissapeered, I removed my hand and it came straight back. I am scared this had messed up my vision permanently. Its been about 2 hours so far and everything is still foggy, I've binned the poppers and had a shower but my vision is still messed up, this fog is crazy. Safeto say I'm never touching them again.

JoshVR said on Wed, 17 Feb 2021 at 10:44...

Guys - check out the website thetruthaboutpoppers.com

It is clearly stated by these companies that it is not for human consumption - If you know that there is a 50% chance that your vision could be affected by using poppers - would you really take the chance or the risk?. Unfortunately the reason why some of you find this site is when you are having issues after using these products - some people have no idea that their mental health / other physical issues are as a result of their popper usage. It's a solvent - and your abusing a solvent. It's called Solvent abuse / Chroming. Let's call it what it is - just because its been used by gay guys to make sex easier doesn't take away from what it actually does to you. Don't trust these companies who make these products as though they have a duty of care to you. They wouldn't even bother contacting you back if you damaged yourself as the result of using their product. Give them the finger that your not dumb enough to believe that they really think their products consist of Gay men who have an obsession with polishing their leather harnesses in night clubs, an ongoing nostalgic use of VCRs, and wanting their home to smell like a pungent volatile substance such as dirty socks

Stay Safe - Stay away from Poppers.

Wtf! said on Wed, 24 Feb 2021 at 16:26...

Never had a problem with Poppers until Isobutyl nitrite! Not a regular user, but im now on day 3 off sunspots in central Vision. This needs flagged up to the community, I've never heard of this until now, and I certainly would not be using if I knew. Sad and scary times, if you would just leave shit alone, we knew what they were before, and then you change shit and this is now the results! Apparently previous versions were carcinogenic? Well so is smoking and processed food but it still exists!

Wtf! said on Wed, 24 Feb 2021 at 16:26...

Never had a problem with Poppers until Isobutyl nitrite! Not a regular user, but im now on day 3 off sunspots in central Vision. This needs flagged up to the community, I've never heard of this until now, and I certainly would not be using if I knew. Sad and scary times, if you would just leave shit alone, we knew what they were before, and then you change shit and this is now the results! Apparently previous versions were carcinogenic? Well so is smoking and processed food but it still exists!

Sunspots said on Sat, 6 Mar 2021 at 14:13...

Been using poppers on and off since the 90s without a problem until now. Poppers weren't always easy to find back in the day so there were long periods of zero use that would last years. In recent months popper use has increased because of a resurgent personal sexual activity level and a site was found to order poppers shipped right to the house. So I'd say heavy and more consistent use since around a year ago, early 2020.
About five days ago I was having a solo session with heavy use of Super 95 brand and after one particular popper hit, a tiny spot of intense sparkles appeared right in the middle of my vision. When the popper rush subsided the spot stayed there. The sparkling stopped and what remained was a small spot about the size of a dime held at arm's length, right in the middle of my visual field, where I can't make anything out. What I see in that spot looks exactly like what you see when you look directly at the sun. It's always there and it was accompanied at first with a smoky sheen over everything as if the room were filled with smoke. There was no question that the poppers were what caused it because I watched the whole thing happen "right before my eyes". So I started to research similar experiences and found this place.
I do believe the effect will be temporary as it has become easier and easier to read with each passing day. The smoky haze subsided after the second day and from that point forward I've noticed needing to intentionally focus on words less and less when I read as the central sharp vision slowly returns. This has been truly scary.
Needless to say I'm done with poppers now. I will really miss them because they take sex from exciting to epic. But not at the risk of instant blindness. Not worth it anymore after this experience.

Jimmy said on Tue, 23 Mar 2021 at 22:33...

I only started Poppers for a year or two and my last time I used it I started seeing ink spots and blurred vision so I don't know if this is common. After a night sleep my vision seemed normal very weird experience.

Billy said on Tue, 8 Jun 2021 at 00:39...

Hi Sunspots. How ist it going for you?

Regretful Popper Pig said on Tue, 15 Jun 2021 at 04:11...

I've recently noticed blindspots and trouble reading text on screen, trouble seeing signs etc when driving, a harder time seeing in general-- an overall feeling that something is wrong with my vision. I've been doing poppers every day when I jerk off for around 5 years, pretty heavily during sex too. I thought only isopropyl was a problem, but all the poppers I get here in the USA are isobutyl, according to the labels.
I've been researching and trying to calm myself, but I really can't tell whether I can hope for recovery or not. Scientific studies seem to indicate some people can recover but others don't.
Unfortunately, even after having these vision problems and knowing why, I still have used poppers a few times... Especially during sex. This stuff is hard to get away from. And every time my vision problems are worsened.
I hope that anyone looking into poppers or finding themselves scared of that yellow dot sees this and is able to throw them away for good. They're amazing, like any drug, and that's the danger. But no 30 second high is worth being blind forever. That yellow dot is damage to your fovea and macula, and it adds up. I just hope it can heal itself with enough time.

Billy said on Sat, 10 Jul 2021 at 15:20...

Hi RPP. Can you please update?

Billy said on Sun, 11 Jul 2021 at 19:58...

Guys please I am desperate. Can I recover from this? I would also be greatfull if I can compare my symptoms. My eyes are generally out of Fokus. I have a tiny blind spot but the vision in total is not sharp.

Joe said on Thu, 22 Jul 2021 at 13:49...

Opticians diagnosed me with AMD , convinced it's from poppers, scared as fuck to

Billy said on Sat, 24 Jul 2021 at 15:32...

Hi Joe. How are your symptoms? Was it after a strong binge?

RPP said on Sun, 8 Aug 2021 at 05:12...

After a month or so of not using, I am 95% recovered. I still have problems some days, but it's not as bad. Hoping with enough time I'll forget I ever had problems seeing. But it's hard not to use. They make sex so much easier and pleasurable, there's nothing like fucking on poppers. I just have to remind myself the pleasure isn't worth being blind.

BlurredVisionAfterPoppers said on Tue, 10 Aug 2021 at 08:57...

Hello guys! I've been using Super Juice 25ml (square shape bottle) for the last 8-9 months for jerking off about every day or 5 times a week and sometimes with a friend for sex. For jerking only mild usage (2-4 sniffs) for sex harder usage (2-4 sniffs 4-6times / sex). Hard usage was always followed by headache and felt like as if small peppercorns were in my eyes ... as if those corns were pressing my eyes from inside. But the eyesight was OK, until I have changed the poppers to Amsterdam 25ml. It happend about 3-4 weeks ago. Right away I used it hard for hard sex with a friend (2-4 sniffs about 6-8 times for that only one sex, causing terrible headache), and after that I used it daily for jerking off for about 2 weeks time. I think both substances (Super Juice, Amsterdam) contains isopropilnitrite, but i am not sure....maybe only the Amsterdam contains it. Also i am not sure wether their effects added up with time of usage, or only the Amsterdam one caused my problems ... I don't know :-(
After that, last week I started a new job which involves starring at computer screen the whole day. The first day in the new job i have recognised, that my eyesight was blurred, and could not focus on letters reading on screen. I am managing to get focus on small things (like small letters on screen) to look a bit aside of those small things. For example in word "sex", if I am focusing on letter "s", it's blurred, but i can recognize letter "e". If I try to focus on letter "e" than it's blurred, and letter"s" and "x" I can recognize....and so on.... Also hard to recognize faces from 15-20m distance or more. After googling a bit these are the symptomps of macular degeneration or in case of poppers-usage "poppers maculopathy".
A week ago I have quit using it, but I dont think my eyesight has improved yet :-( May be my eyes, or my nervous system has started getting used to it....i dont know. Yesterday started to take lutein 30mg and Karothin and other vitamins. Hope it will improve and recover my eyesight. I will update my post about my experiences....
Wish you all the best!!

Poppers dick head said on Wed, 3 Nov 2021 at 18:15...

Hi everyone has anyone actually recovered with the eyesight if so how long I've only used them a few times and when using i saw like a yellow patch and now cant recognise faces or signs from 20 yds away

Poppers dick head said on Sun, 14 Nov 2021 at 18:33...

Anybody mines been 3 weeks and same not as bad but same please help

Poppers dick head said on Sun, 14 Nov 2021 at 18:34...

Blurredvisionafterpoppers have you recovered yet

RS said on Mon, 3 Jan 2022 at 16:19...

Hey guys, I've had this happen once about 16 months ago, scared the shit out of me at the time. White spot in middle of my vision, went to eye hospital and got checked out, scan showed a thickening of the fovea causing the issue (typical for popper damage).

Started taking lutein and other eye supplements and made a total recovery over the following weeks (I think it took about 14 days to stop noticing it).

Eventually I started using again, dumb, nothing happened and I moderated intake to only during sex and not solo for example. Last week I took a hit and all of a sudden it was back. My central vision is largely okay this time, no bright sunspot, I can read but light on screens and lampposts and such have more of an aura which is annoying. Faces in the distance are blurred like last time, but less extremely. It feels like my eyes have trouble getting a sharp view of stuff, as if they are not coordinating properly or something. Not sure what to make of that.

This time Im quitting permanently, I hope I will make a recovery in time as this is stressful and really exhausting. I keep telling myself I can learn to live with this but holyshit eyes are so valuable to life, this is a harsh reminder that I should take better care of myself.

Dumb said on Mon, 10 Jan 2022 at 14:45...

Hi, BlurredVisionAfterPoppers, can you update us, please? Thanks.

FirstimerRGV said on Sat, 15 Jan 2022 at 02:23...

I took it blue boy it was ok, I tried amaterdamn and it didnít have the same aromatic banana ish smell to it but it kinda worked, much more mild. My vision had a diamond blackedout in my central vision. It Subsided into a smaller space a little bigger than a dime held at arms length, cones were destroyed there so it seemed. I tried blueboy a week later and it somehow got better after it but it didnít go away completely. The following week I got corona virus and I started taking B-12 and lutein 6 mg , vitamin C, and a multivitamin. The next day after taking the multivitamin stack my vision almost completely recovered and Iíd say there is an almost incomprehensible damage left that should recover over time or with a higher dosage of lutein or b-12. I wonít be trying it again, even the blue boy which didnít have that much of a problem.

Spaniel 2001 said on Sat, 15 Jan 2022 at 17:47...

Hi guys, Jesus who the hell sells this stuff knowingly... I have symptoms of faceless people, can't see house numbers, read of screen... Thankyou so much for the information here at least I have a idea of what caused the problem.. not a long time user of rush ect but over a couple of weeks I was using... have ordered supplements and eye drops hopefully I will get vision back soon, only been couple of weeks.... If not there goes driving, my job my mortgage.... I do think this should be shouted from the rooftops, and stop selling this blinding chemical..... wish me luck and good luck to all of you suffering

Hello1234 said on Fri, 28 Jan 2022 at 11:44...

I did poppers for the first time in the summer last year. I Researched the risks. Read about eye problems with isopropyl, so I ordered what I thought was 3x bottles of amyl. I had in fact accidentally bought 1x isopropyl bottle. After the 3rd session in July 2021 I developed the classic symptoms. Difficulty seeing faces, light sensitivity and a faint yellow central spot (similar to what you see when you stare at a light).

Gradually things improved. My visual acuity is much better, but I donít think it is at baseline. I donít really notice a problem in everyday life. Itís worse with anything with a backlight - tv, computer screens, phones. The central spot went away within a week or 2. For a further month or 2 I could see it if I blinked very quickly whilst looking at something bright - like the sky or a white wall. Now I can only reproduce the yellow spot in very specific lighting conditions - itís much better - I donít see it even with rapid blinking.

One thing I havenít really seen improvements with, is light sensitivity. Itís not bothersome per se - I donít really get headaches with it. One thing that is very noticeable is car headlights and traffic lights - they appear much brighter. Annoyingly brighter.

I was hoping that by now things would have returned to normal by now. How have things been with others at the 6 month mark?

If I could get some improvements with the light sensitivity I would be content I think.

Note: after first getting symptoms, I used amyl 2 weeks after, and my symptoms worsened slightly, before improving again. I havenít used again, and donít intend to. It really isnít worth it.

Dr J said on Mon, 14 Mar 2022 at 15:33...

Hi everyone

My name is ďJĒ and I am a medical doctor (but not an Opthalmologist) from London, UK.

Unfortunately I am posting in this forum from a patientís perspective as I have had many of the eye symptoms as described above after taking poppers. Unfortunately I was also unaware of the possible side effects of poppers and I failed to do my research prior to taking them.

I would describe myself prior to this experience as a moderate user perhaps once every 3-4 weeks for the past couple of years.

Symptoms initially after taking poppers: ink marks in the centre of my vision, blurred central vision, bright circular light when adjusting my vision from a bright, back-lit screen/daylight to a darker surrounding, unable to see faces at any distance/difficulty reading signs/ text on a computer/mobile phone as a result Ė having to constantly look around letters to read the words. I had a general haziness as though I was in a smoky room. I also experienced symptoms of pressure to both eyes, as another person on the forum mentioned (by the name ďGĒ) that this was like ďpressing on the eye at the backĒ. I was tired all of the time and had a constant headache due to these symptoms and the associated stress and anxiety.

My immediate thoughts after taking the poppers Dec 2021 and having the symptoms as described above: this will ruin my life and any enjoyment as I rely on my eyes for most of my work/entertainment, I wonít be able to work, wonít be able to drive, my life will never be the same again, above all Ė I cannot live like this.

HOWEVER, after some pretty good advice, particularly from ďJunior doctorĒ and digging a bit deeper both from posts of people on this forum and being critical of ďstudiesĒ into those afflicted I would say with pretty high confidence that most of you will recover (like I have) provided you abstain from poppers. However be patient, you will need to ride this out.

Even some of the posts of people who have said they havenít recovered go on to say in other chats/on other sites that they eventually recovered once they have abstained (I assume that the identical username means this is the same person). However I have read that people report recovery anything from hours/days to up to 18 monthsÖ

Early case studies into this make conclusions that damage ďmaybe permanentĒ based on early follow-ups on a handful of subjects who are never subsequently followed-up or only followed-up after a short to medium length of time. More recent case studies (the only type of study we really have on this) show with follow-up over a longer period of time that most patients fully recover symptomatically and their OTC scans show either full recovery/partial recovery (in patients who abstain from poppers).

My own advice would be:

1. NEVER touch poppers again. THERE IS NO SAFE FORMULA. These are unregulated products and you do not know what you are taking when you use them. Just because youíre inhaling them and not injecting/smoking/ingesting them does not make them less harmful in any way.
2. Visit an eye hospital and be upfront about what has happened. They do see this condition and you will need an OTC scan particularly to assess your fovea. If you do not mention the poppers they will not necessarily know to look at the fovea in greater detail Ė these are subtle changes and they need to know what to look out for, part of their investigation relies on you being honest to them. Having said that, if you feel as though you are being judged for whatever reason you have every right to be there. In my opinion it is their own failure as a specialty to have alerted the public to the dangers of these substances and they know that this is an issue and have done nothing meaningful about it in terms of public awareness and prevention. Their advice will be to abstain from poppers and they will likely follow this up with another appointment. In some cases they may prescribe some steroid eye drops Ė I personally cannot see the benefit in administering these (but again, I am not an eye specialist). PLEASE attend any follow-up retina clinic appointment even if you have symptomatically recovered.
3. Do not visit an optician immediately after your vision being affected, this will not provide an accurate representation of your sight. Your vision will likely improve over time, if you have a scotoma (blind spot) this will likely start to fade in 4-6 weeks although this can take longer. Your high street optician does not have the equipment/expertise to investigate this. Do visit an optician later down the line. If you have another reason to go sooner (pre-existing eye conditions) then of course arrange for this as you normally would but inform them as to what has happened to explain reduced visual acuity Ė be aware that they may not be aware that poppers can cause this issue, indeed they may not even know what poppers are.
4. Rest
5. Avoid/reduce alcohol consumption. When I did drink, the day after this often exacerbated my symptoms.
6. If you are a contact lens wearer, wear glasses (lenses decrease oxygen to eye, increased risk of infection through contact lens use etc)
7. I took the following supplements: Visionace Plus, H&B Blueberry Vision, H&B Lutein. I do not think that taking these would do any harm provided that they donít interact with any current medication that you are on/have any allergies and they maybe beneficial. Consult your GP if youíre concerned about taking these with any regular medication concurrently.
8. TALK TO SOMEONE. Even the slightest change to your sight is very distressing, the fact that this may happen suddenly and that you may be frustrated at yourself for this having happened (this is not your fault) means that you should speak to someone. There are eye charities/Samaritans etc if you do not feel as though you can talk to friends/family.
9. PLEASE advise other people who take poppers of your experience, spread the word that these are dangerous substances, ocular side effects not being the only serious one (methemoglobinemia being another for example). Ideally escalate this further: to your GUM clinic/Terence Higgins/even your MP - this may seem extreme/ridiculous but these actions can really make a difference. Many people will not classify poppers as a recreational drug, but they areÖ I was surprised when I told friends about my issue that they knew about this as a problem but had never spread the word.
10. If you do decide to post in this group we would all be really appreciative to hear about updates. More people read this and do not actively contribute than you may expect.

Timeline of my recovery:
Dec 2021 Took poppers Ė symptoms as described above.

2 weeks after: Able to look at myself in the mirror without holes in my vision/reflection looking odd. Less of an aura around certain light emitting displays eg digital clock face. Haziness subsided.

4 weeks after: Smaller ink spots, can see train signs more clearly. Faces still blurred at any distance more than 3 metres.

5 weeks after: Even smaller ink spot, cannot see it anymore when watching TV but vision still not right (cannot explain in any other words). Small central ink spot when seeing faces at a distance of more than 3-4 metres but definitely much smaller compared to a week ago and faded somewhat Ė does not totally blur and obscure a face. Eye discomfort still persisting especially when tired/if I had any alcohol the night prior.

6 weeks after Ė same as at 5 weeks not much improvement.

7 weeks blurred vision at a distance.

8 weeks Ė still blurred vision at a distance reading signs a long way away as though my glasses are not up to date but otherwise no other symptoms.

12 weeks - pretty much back to normal, perhaps a slight decrease in visual acuity but I am long overdue optician follow-up and I know that my glasses are definitely behind prescription wise.

Hello1234 said on Tue, 29 Mar 2022 at 18:29...

Thanks for the detailed post dr J. It really is a source of comfort seeing (haha) the positive progress of other people.

I also have a medical background. Did you go to eye casualty and get an OCT? I didnít... didnít think it would change anything and didnít want the anxiety of having this in my record.

Do you get light sensitivity? I would say this is the only remaining issue with me. Functionally I would say Iím back to normal. But backlit screens remain to be a slight problem especially at night.

The central ink spot for me was only there for me when rapidly blinking my eyes and that resolved over a few weeks. Itís still there but barely visible when I do the rapid blinking thing whilst looking at the sky. Acuity got better very quickly too - maybe 2-3 weeks. I didnít have any pressure feeling, nor did I ever have a persistent central scotoma/ink spot.

I can probably forget about this most of the time. But the thing that invariably reminds me that things arenít normal are car headlights. They appear brighter, angrier than they should. Do you get this?

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I can reproduce the ink spot when I rapidly blink, but itís a dark spot. The actual spot is only visible for milliseconds. And Iím only able to reproduce this with rapid blinking for the first few minutes after waking up.

Another way I can reproduce the central spot is by shining a light at my eyes with my eyes closed and covered with my free hand and then uncovering my eye with my hand, keeping my eye closed. Iíll see the orange from the light shining through my eye lid with a central dark spot.

Iím hoping the bright headlights gets better, itís the only thing that reminds me of my mistake.

Never ever again!

nevertakingpoppersagain said on Wed, 4 May 2022 at 13:45...

hey guys- i have had the same issue, i literally took poppers twice and now my vision is seriously messed up. i cant focus on anything far away and reading off my laptop is very difficult. its been about 2 weeks now and no improvement. i was diagnosed with poppers maculopathy today. i hope my vision will get better soon - IM STRESSED!!!

Hello1234 said on Wed, 4 May 2022 at 18:47...

Same thing happened to me - literally used Poppers 2-3 times.

Try not to worry. It gets better. For me, my visual acuity was almost normal by week 3-4.

When you rapidly blink whilst looking at the sky do you see pale spot that disappears? Over time it becomes more and more difficult to reproduce that spot - you can use this as a tool to monitor your improvement.

Do you have light sensitivity?

Main thing is to not use poppers again, and give it time.

Hello1234 said on Thu, 5 May 2022 at 10:23...

Oh... one other thing that may help. Turn the brightness down on your screens - the reason you struggle with text on screens is because of the light. Switching windows to ďnight modeĒ also helps.

Hexadecimal_7 said on Fri, 13 May 2022 at 21:36...

Hey. Today is day 2 since I have done poppers last (Isobutyl Nitrite) and I still have some fuzziness in my central vision which is very noticeable when I try to read things or see in darker lighting environments. I have been doing them pretty moderately for the past few months but only recently noticed that it was really affecting my vision. Typically when I would do a short poppers session (typically 2 bigs breaths) I would notice a yellowish blur to my central field of vision which was exaggerated when looking at white objects/backgrounds but I had not really noticed any lasting fuzziness to my central vision. Perhaps it was subtle and I had just not noticed or paid attention enough to realize. I am pretty stressed out about it as I had just felt or believed that it would go away on its own but it almost seems as if it is actually worse today. I have some discomfort to my eyes which feels like my eyes are just very tired, for example as if I had been staring at a screen for too long, etc. I have taken the advice of the above recommendations by the physician and started to supplement Lutein (40mg daily) and Vitamin A (10,000mcg daily) and I started these yesterday. I also work Omegas into my diet from seafood but I will soon pick up a bottle of these supplements. I will report on this again to keep this updated to the best of my ability in hopes that it may help someone else suffering from these negative side effects. Itís a no brainer that I have stopped Popper use and I will never touch them again. Nothing is worth losing your vision over! Though the orgasms while on a Popper high were the best I have ever hadÖ Stay strong everyone! Peace and Love!

Donít use Gear PIG said on Thu, 15 Sep 2022 at 21:18...

Day 4 of a Sunspot in my right eye. I had around 5 hour session using Gear Pig, Iíd never used that brand before and fully regret it. I have used poppers in the past, but never had a session that long, and never tried ahead Pig. Itís day 4 and I still have a ďSun SpotĒ (like I stared at the sun) in my right eye. Itís small & extremely annoying, I have 20/20 vision.. Well had oof.

Also Iíd tried something Iíd never done before. Someone in twitter said to pour a little on a sock, roll it up. Then put it in your mouth to inhale. It was a wild experience, but got EXTREMELY dizzy. I DO NOT RECOMMEND doing that EVER. I stopped right after, and thatís when I noticed my visions was fucked up.

I doubt Iíll ever use poppers again. For me itís not worth the vision loss

Iíve been using antibiotic eye drops I bought from Wally World. Iíll update this in a couple weeks and let yíall know how my vision is

carl said on Wed, 12 Oct 2022 at 18:19...

Hi guys this has happened to me after using some poppers. I have used them previously mainly for masturbating but this night I had some I took alot more that I usually have done in the past and when I woke the next day my vision was blurred and have had the same symptoms as others on here. also had symptoms like blurriness of txt like writing this and also colors that are meant to be white are pink and green colors are red. I have stopped the use of these altogether and am really scared that this won't heal if it ever does. I game alot and notice that its hard to see what im doing while gaming and also drawing :-( so scared I will lose my sight just want some reassurance that this isn't permanent and it will get better other time

Hello1234 said on Sun, 16 Oct 2022 at 10:08...

Thought Iíd give everyone an update. See my posts above. Itís been just over a year since my third and last poppers session and my eyes continue to improve. Itís *very* slow. My acuity is back to normal. That was the first thing to improve - and it only took a few weeks for that to be normalish. But, itís just the light sensitivity thatís slowly returning to normal.

At the beginning I had to turn all of my screens down to the lowest brightness setting, now I can use them at their brightest without discomfort.

Fingers crossed it continues to improve.

For anyone out there who reads thisÖ donít lose hope. It WILL get better. It may take a few days, a few weeks, months or even a year, but it will get better, provided you stay away from the nose sauce!

bilbobaggins said on Thu, 20 Oct 2022 at 11:16...

Hello1234 thank you for your detailed posts. I'm sure everyone is different, but reading your experience has given me hope. I'm now 1 week after use and symptoms. Got blurryness and classic symptoms. Had and OCT and doc told me there was very little damage. Visual acuity was fine by his measurements, but my experience is different, the blurryness doesn't really impair my ability to see, it's just disturbing and annoying. Most annoying is light sensitivity, central blurryness and vision in the dark, where the central blurryness is worse.

I just hope they will go away with time. Never again.

Billy said on Fri, 18 Nov 2022 at 21:37...

Billy fro Juni - Juli 2021.
Almost back in normal. A part of the eye nerv on the right eye is dead for ever. Luckily affekts only the vision field on the nose side. AMD on the right eye. It has gone better, butt for some months now steady. Afterimages last only half second or less. Visual snow limited.

TomH said on Tue, 31 Jan 2023 at 12:35...

@bilbobaggins. How are things for you now? Iíve just had an OCT scan and every looks fine according to the optician but like you I have mild blurriness and light sensitivity. I can deal with it to be honest itís just a bit disturbing. 6 weeks since my last huff of IPN. Never again. Not sure I could bring myself to try the other formulas but I do miss the buzz. Sex hasnít been the same since.

ďDonít use Gear PigĒ Follow Up said on Tue, 7 Feb 2023 at 11:37...

Sorry for the delay. My vision was fucked for about 4-5 months. I had trouble looking at my phone, because of sun spots & blurry was. Especially in the dark.

Iím on month 6 & all the ďsun spotsĒ have healed. I didnít go to the doctor just used antibiotic eye drops, and let my body heal naturally. (Ironically the only time I havenít had benefits were for those 6 months). I am gonna go to an eye exam just to be safe, but I havenít had any issues for about a month now.

I have used Jungle Juice a few times since then, but itís only a few hits here & there when I want to get in the mood with my partner. My vision seems fine after using it, but Iíll never use a random brand of poppers again. Stick with what you know, and I hope everyone elseís vision gets better.

chicken said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 07:50...

Hey Donít use Gear Pig,

Do you have any symptoms left? Even something small? Many people report that the worst symptoms go away but something minor might remain. Of course it might depend on the person whether they will notice them or not. Or even pay attention.

POPPERS ADDICT said on Tue, 2 May 2023 at 11:49...

No one knows i use poppers, my eyes are fucked after a heavy solo session. If I go to the hospital and mention that I use poppers will this go on my medical history in the UK?

Dr J said on Thu, 18 May 2023 at 17:41...

"POPPERS ADDICT" - I wouldn't worry if the use of Poppers ends up in your medical records, they're confidential anyway. Doctors see a lot worse than people using Poppers.

vibrantsolution said on Tue, 26 Sep 2023 at 16:47...

I'm wondering other than supplementation what have y'all been doing to help to heal? Like should I wear a patch over the blurred eye or the opposite expose it as much as possible to things? I'm on day 4 and this is a serious quality of life changer for me. I'm not a heavy user so wondering if that helps increase my chances of recovery. I've heard of people that are heavy and fully or close to fully recovered from this. I'm seeing an eye doctor tomorrow to be safe but this severely sucks and I've learned my lesson for good.

Berliner said on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 15:48...

Hi everybody.
It is a week 2 of my eye damage since I used poppers during an hour or so. Classical symptoms - blurry vision, glowing in the first days. Then it has passed. I started taking Lutein a week ago, today will be 8th day I am taking it. There was a slight improvement - no glowing, text are easier to read, faces are clearer (but it depends on the time of the day and the place). But MOST OF ALL IT IS PANICKING that is killing me almost every day. I am scared that this can never go away. Please if you can encourage me bit and comfort me, I would be so thankful!
And if there is an eye clinic in Berlin where people know the case and can help, would be great.

WE said on Wed, 31 Jan 2024 at 02:22...

Hello everyone,

I'm facing similar issues, and I don't use poppers frequentlyómaybe once or twice a month, if not less. Two days ago, after my last use, I noticed blurred vision. This is concerning for me because my profession relies heavily on my eyesight to discern subtle differences in colour tones or create brand images.

So,I visited the doctor, and she mentioned that, based on her experience, my vision should gradually improve and fully recover within 1-2 months. Despite a full eye examination, she couldn't identify any specific issues.
I was trying to ask her if there was any treatment or tablet I could take at this point. Unlikely, she mentioned that there's no treatment to expedite the recovery process. She said that time is the best medicine. I hope I can get better soon, and you all too.

Will keep you all update. XOXO


Scared and regretful said on Wed, 22 May 2024 at 16:53...

Hey WE I hope you are doing well, any updates on your situation?

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