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Topic created by Happy
on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 at 09:53

Happy said on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 at 09:53...

Is there a thing called popper tolerance?
Seems like i dont get hight anymore. Any same experience?
Im using pentyl nitirite formula. My 1st was really good. But after a week the effect seems to weak. I bought new stuff same poppers same formula but weak effect on me. What could have go wrong?

Anonymous said on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 at 12:01...

I think the poppers you bought is just junk! I canīt find realy good poppers in Europe at this time, since the "Rush" stuff at the beginning of 2017. P.s. "Rush" at the present time is really bad don`t try it!

PJ said on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 at 20:21...

Happy: Pentyl is the most sensitive nitrite and will quickly degrade if exposed to ambient oxygen. You may well develop a tolerance to poppers in general, but not in a short period of time, years...maybe. Amyl was originally sold in glass vials for a reason, so one "snap" and the pure non-oxidized nitrite was released. Poppers were first known as snappers. The "pop" idea comes from the sound the bottle makes when first opened.

If pentyl does not smell fruity and sweet but rancid - that is oxidization. Isobutyl is sturdier and should smell a bit rough, propyl is super sturdy but brings other issues MAYBE (much discussed still on the forum I see).

popperqueen said on Wed, 13 Feb 2019 at 04:03...

There is a guy on Trugether that has real poppers. The AD is cloaked, go to trugether search bar and type "the brown bottle 10ml" has Great reviews. Verifiably True Poppers : )

poppero said on Thu, 14 Feb 2019 at 00:01...

I canīt see the ad on truegether even though I type what you said. What do I have to do to find it?

popperqueen said on Thu, 14 Feb 2019 at 00:32...

Here is the link, I just checked has about 20 listed, may need to copy/paste link


ian_inhale said on Sun, 7 Apr 2019 at 17:59...

I will vouch for popper tolerance.many claim it doesn't exist.but it does,ive went 2 months without touching poppers and I stil dnt get the same feeling when I go back.ordered stuff from all over and still the same,also i was only a 2 or 3 day a week user with maybe 6-7 huffs at most eatch sitting.im very much clued up on poppers i know what im talking about.

on a 4 month break,goni give them one last try at the 6 month mark see if I can replicate my early highs from poppers.heres hoping,although I have lost all faith in poppers.

Rock said on Sun, 9 Jun 2019 at 00:40...

I agree have found the same. I was 4 days a week and heavy huffing and a tolerance has built up over time, even after a long break and change of brands Iím not getting the same deep rush, still searching for something that works. Even a mild bottle effects wear off quickly maybe after a day as the next day they are just flat no rush.

2kul said on Tue, 3 Nov 2020 at 00:48...

It has message at truegether that product not available. waaaaa

Atila said on Sat, 4 Jun 2022 at 01:05...

I was searching google with "poppers tolerance" I have been using at home a lot during Covid. And now exactly same mark, same smell, it is the same, not a shity one (I've got some of these too)... and it does not have almost any effect from a couple of months ago. I don't know what is happening.... it has happened with two different know marks. It does not seem to me it is simply bad quality

WeirdTolerance said on Thu, 11 Aug 2022 at 00:40...

Similar situation.

Background: I only just started using poppers 6 months ago. I must admit, I am a pretty heavy user (one or two session a day). Currently have 2 bottles of pentyl and a bottle of amyl going on. They are all fairly fresh and I keep them in my wine fridge.

I haven't noticed any tolerance being built up. Today, during a session, I used poppers as usual, got the nice rush as usual. All of the sudden, mid session, I no longer get any rush. I tried the other two bottles, also nothing.

I'm not sure what's going on. I'll give poppers a week break and try again.

Rambler said on Sat, 4 Feb 2023 at 21:17...

This thread came up when I searched on popper tolerance. Long time user here for mainly Rush brand. I am finding now more than ever than my oxygen level is dropping even after 1 or 2 small inhales. I tried stopping for a week and that hasn't helped. My oxygen level is showing at near 80 after just one puff or two. I think I need to stop.

SnapCracklePopper said on Mon, 6 Feb 2023 at 00:09...

Iím the same. The color in my face is gone by two puffs now. The lack of oxygen feels horrible. Iím noticing each time how much Iím realizing that i know itís not good for me health and thereís no benefit so i might just have stop em all together. I donít get nowhere near the high what I used to get, even after long breaks and fresh bottles. Poprs so strong they made me temporarily blind wit best rushes, now donít do anything. Weak. Anyone managed to get their huffs back to early highs days?

Bbcswallower said on Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 04:26...

I often get a few days where it just doesn't work the same as before. I take a few days off and back to business . I do get a almost hungover feeling sometimes from the poppers and get dizzy and headaches often but I've been at them for like six years

Bbcswallower said on Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 04:28...

I feel some brands . Ie English Royale or Amsterdam work great . Jungle juice if it's a huge cock I'm trying to take . 7192485878. Bbconly. Denver area

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