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Prostate massage?

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Topic created by Big T
on Sun, 7 Oct 2018 at 23:30

Big T said on Sun, 7 Oct 2018 at 23:30...

Hi there, I have huffed (JJ is my favorite) and stroked and love it! What a great felling... but now I want to try a prostate no hands Orgasm and poppers! Has anybody achieved this and if so any pointers,the feeling? I’m still trying to reach a hands free orgasm, tried fingers and dildo with no success at orgasm. Now have a prostate toy, hope to get to that magical orgasm someday. I’m married and the wife knows nothing so practice is rare.

StraightTrannyluvr said on Tue, 16 Oct 2018 at 21:53...

I have not achieved but gotten so close and have spilled so much Previn and had so much fun trying. Not sure if I have any expert advice but I can say my preference is to find a good long sissy hypno video on a loop and lay in the shower with the lights off, and headphones in. Then I slowly start taking hits of poppers when the sissies are getting fucked or dildoed. Then, as the loop starts to repeat I will start rubbing my girlfriends dildo against my hole and get it all lined up. I never touch my myself, only the dildo touches me. Then I take more hits and start to put the dildo in my ass slowly till it’s all the way in. Then I just sit there and do a few more rounds of hits. That’s when it gets fun, as the rush really sets in and my asshole is used to just having a dildo in it for like 20 minutes, I grab the base and start to plow my ass ans fast and hard as I can handle. Then it’s just finding the right pace to keep at it without passing out.

Happy popperbating!!!

Big T said on Thu, 18 Oct 2018 at 15:32...

Wow StraightTrannyluvr, I had to get my bottle and enjoy your instructions and I love the shower! I’m amazed at how poppers make the dildo feel so good! It makes me feel like a slut just wanting more and more cock and poppers! I get a lil precum but still no sissygasm. But trying is the fun part of finding that illusuive hands free orgasm. A nice warm shower, lights low, earbuds in, some good hypno and I can spend hours like that, thanks again for your reply and helpful hints and as you say..... Happy popperbating

Aanallover said on Tue, 4 Dec 2018 at 19:44...

Hands free orgasms are incredible. Elusive sometimes. For me, I get worked up with some anal toys for a few hours, then get out my biggest monster, popper up and ride it like a banshee. I cum hands free, but it's very different than hands on. Less cum, but can last for a minute or more. The feeling is incredible. Enjoy!

hotpoker said on Sat, 13 Jul 2019 at 19:21...

Hands free is possible. I spent about two weeks lusting after a co-worker. Then when we was working a late night shift I kinda gave him a look and BAM. Next thing I knew he had dragged me behind a tractor and was stuffing my face with his meat. I did not have time to release myself, let alone touch it, as I was gagging on his muscular organ. After about 20 minutes I released the mother of all orgasms. He zipped up, spat in my face, and went back and delivered two calves. We never spoke, but it happened again last week and he did other stuff too, although that time I was ready and pleasured myself in the usual way.

MartyGraham said on Sun, 6 Oct 2019 at 06:11...

With regards to getting the magical prostate orgasm all you need is the right process and toys. Did a lot of research around this and found this article to be the most useful :: https://sexualalpha.com/best-prostate-massager/

I imagine it'll just be even better with Poppers!

VermontPoppers said on Sat, 28 Mar 2020 at 15:31...

I first tried poppers about a year ago and was totally hooked! Up here where I l I've, there's really not much interaction and trying to find a FWB is almost impossible.

When I tried it I was getting nailed from behind by a nice 7" bone. He handed me the bottle and after one medium hit, I was I a hyper sexual trance...it felt as if my canal was on fire and every thrust made me shiver.

Took a second hit and fell deeper into oblivion. Felt his bone rub on my p-spot and soon I was leaking out creamy white fluid all over the bed.

He told me to take a third hit so I did. He waited a second then started to pound me hard....more white stuff, building throbbing, then I finally let loose with a massive load on to some underwear he put under me.

Fuck, I was spent! But he kept it up and finally dumped his load in me. Never have been so satisfied in my life......he gave me the bottle of JJ as a keepsake and left with a nice swat on my ass.

A couple weeks later I had some alone time so I decided to jump naked at the computer and work myself up to a hard bone. Watching my favorite porn, I was stroking and flowing some precum. I took the bottle of JJ, opened it up, took a big hit, and immediately started t have the most mind blowing orgasm with no hand on my cock.

I have been able to cum hands free many times, sometimes with my 7" play toy. One other time, I was pretty messed up and horny. I took out my 18" jelly dong, got it 17" in and took hits of the bottle. That was a great time too!

Crashing said on Fri, 18 Sep 2020 at 11:13...

@ BigT: I have achieved this and multiple orgasms from being pegged by my fiance.

There is quite a bit of "training" involved when trying to have a hands-free prostate orgasm.

Personally, I have been dildoing my arse for about 15 years, because I couldn’t find a willing/non-judgemental partner, so for the most part, it was solo play for me in the beginning.

One of the first times it happened was totally by accident and I really surprised myself when it did.
I was in my bedroom one late evening, using a curved realistic 7” dildo mounted to my cupboard door. Taking it from behind, I straightened up a little to take pressure off my legs and “Boom” hit “that spot” with a large amount of cum pouring from my dick.

Try as I may, multiple times after that to achieve the hands-free O, but it eluded me for a few years.

Although, I noticed that when pinching a loaf, I would often have a semen discharge at the same time. If you know a little about male anatomy, you will know that your pinched loaf will ‘slide’ past your prostate, this can sometimes cause you to urinate at the same time. I thought that it was strange, I’m not turned on, it’s early morning (morning dump) I don’t have an erection but yet I have just “cum”. This is what intrigued me about hands-free O’s and how to achieve them.

I started doing research into this topic, visiting different prostate massager manufacturer websites, men’s health websites and even going as far as to research how to get a woman to squirt. Don’t laugh, this was the ultimate Ah-Ha moment for me. You see, as much as men and women are different, we are quite similar too… the same muscles women use when practising their keegel exercises are pretty much the same as men would use to flex your erection when showing off, these are similar and will help with your prostate/perineum muscles.

When needing to urinate, there are a specific set of muscles you use to hold in your piss, not to piss in your pants before you go to the toilet. You would use the same muscle set to control the flow of urine and to stop it altogether if you wish. The same set of muscles that ‘pushes’ your stool out in the mornings. Its these muscles you must focus on and train.
The simplest exercise you can do is to try stop/start your urine flow when having a piss, try to stop/start at least three times for 10secs before finishing. Feel/concentrate on those muscles you feel flexing and straining, this is the set you want to train.
I will train like this every time I need a piss; flexing, stopping the flow and restarting, flexing, restarting.

I also train my “pooping” muscles, these are the ones that push out your stool. It would be easier if you tried this exercise on the toilet when first trying to isolate the muscle group. When pinching a loaf, if you concentrate, you will feel certain other muscles working together inside you, just below your belly/bladder, it’s these muscles along with the pissing muscles that you would use to achieve the elusive hands-free O. Arching your back a little will also help isolate these muscles.

Hold your breath, put your hands on your hips and press down / bare-down, like you are pinching a loaf, your perineum should flex and distend a little, now you have found what you are looking for.

Push - hold, clench- hold, push- hold, clench – hold. Do this 10 times at a time, holding for 10secs each time. You are now flexing and training your prostate muscle. The great thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, no-one will know. A bonus with these exercises is that my cock now hangs heavier and thicker due to the fact that you are actually pushing/forcing blood into that area when flexing the muscles.

When I am being pegged by my fiancé, I will push and flex against her to the point that I lose control over the flexing of muscles and sure enough with a little adjustment from her side and a push and pull from me, I’ll achieve a hands-free O. With more and more pegging going on, I’ll have 5, 10, 15 anal orgasms, a few HFO’s and sometimes lose control of my bladder as well and squirt like a fire hose.

Hopefully this will help you and anyone else looking to achieve a HFO?

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