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Topic created by I Want Real Poppers (UK)
on Thu, 12 Jul 2018 at 16:46

I Want Real Poppers (UK) said on Thu, 12 Jul 2018 at 16:46...

Just wanted to let everyone know that a guy on here called Snake has proved to me that he is genuine and the product he sells is genuine butyl. Got to be the best Poppers I have had in over 8 years. It's was delivered well packaged and only a couple of days from ordering to delivery.

The product smells lovely and fruity, has a lovely build up and a hit that lasts. It's been the only Poppers that I have had in years that has not left me ill. Usually I can only do a little Poppers and I get bad eyes and out of breath issues and a nausea that lasts for days. Not with this product, hit it for a few hours last night and has got to be the most relaxing and enjoyable night I have had in years. Thanks Snake you have made me a very happy man.

I Want Real Poppers (UK) said on Thu, 12 Jul 2018 at 16:53...

Just a little follow up.

I hit this for a few hours last night and it felt amazing.

Usual side effects from a short hit of IPN

Poor eye sight for a few days
Coughing and breathing issues can last week to 10 days
No fun, have to stop due to ill feeling.

Side effects from last nights session.

No (Zero) ill feelings
Felt very relaxed
Felt slutty
Woke up next day feeling a warm glow
Wanting more

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