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my first time using jj platinum

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Topic created by bubba58tn
on Mon, 10 Oct 2016 at 20:28

bubba58tn said on Mon, 10 Oct 2016 at 20:28...

well here goes I desided to get and try some jj platinum so did try it yesterday it was the one that said it had isobutyl nitirite in it are that what the bottle had on it any way I thought from every thing I have read on here and other places I would go real easy on it at first being new to jj so I did now I guess I need to say im a bi bottom that is also into anal stretching as well any way I got all my toys and objects ready for some play then I took one small huff on each side gave it a second and I thought wow so in the toy went then after about 15 min I thought wow so I took another huff with the toy still in now to make a long story shorter in about an hour and a half I had did 5 huff and all I can say is wow im hooked on jjp for now and it do last longer than the other two I have tried and is a little bit stronger as well even though I still wish it would last even longer as for the relaxing part oh if your wondering the other two where rush in yellow bottle and the other one had something silver on it I cant remember the full name but like I said the jjp did last a good deal longer and was a good deal stronger are for me it did and no side affect the only problem I had with it is it had me even after 3 hours of toy play I was still so worked up are horned up that I was ready to let a whole ball team take turns at my hole and honestly as worked up as I was theres a couple other things with huge cocks that I would have let do my hole but I cant name them here sorry but if you wondering about what im talking about just email me and ask any way yes this is a true story I just thought I would share my first try of using jjp how ever it may not to the same for others as our bodys and our insides are very different

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