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Safe Fequency of popper use

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Topic created by Johnann
on Tue, 18 Mar 2014 at 11:16

Johnann said on Tue, 18 Mar 2014 at 11:16...

Folks can anyone tell me the difference between, light, moderate and heavy use of poppers - I would like to limit the side effects as much as possible - if I were to take 2 sniffs twice a week, would that be safe ?

PopperAddict said on Tue, 18 Mar 2014 at 23:24...

It's a bit like asking how much you can safely drink. Depends if it's the poppers equivalent of beer, vodka, or (more likely) backstreet moonshine! As well as your age, general fitness, etc.

In general I found I could hit isobutyl really hard, long sessions, sniffing as much as I liked, and be okay the next day. But if I do the same with isopropyl then I am wiped out, I can hardlly stand up.

Hopefully your instinct for self-preservation will keep you on a good path and you won't over-do it, but it's easy to do more than is wise, particularly if you combine with beer, weed, etc.

Frequency said on Wed, 19 Mar 2014 at 01:09...

It can depend upon the side effects that you may get from the additives (alcohol, etc.) and that varies from bottle to bottle. Some additives might irritate your lungs and some might burn your nostrils. If neither of those things are an issue, I think you can do just about as much as you want.

Jako said on Wed, 19 Mar 2014 at 15:06...

Be very careful with isopropy, it's unpredictable and can lead to serious breathing difficulty and a massive drop in blood pressure. The EU seem to think it's all-right though!

B dude said on Wed, 13 Aug 2014 at 00:13...

Popper maculopathy. Happened to me. Very scary. Google it. Be informed. Im 2 weeks into it. Takes several months to heal. No guarantee. My central vision is GONE. From one night of huffing. Yes I know thats not good. But I been doing poppers 23 years. Never anything like this. This is a game changer for me. Happened in ONE night. Was using rush brand yellow/red bottle. Google it. Be informed.

JasonX said on Wed, 28 Jan 2015 at 20:21...

I have had eye problems for some time now approx 2 years and realise that poppers are the cause. I have been to see neurologists, opticians and ophthalmologists that have so far been unable to find a problem with my eyes. I have used poppers on and off for about 3 years not in excess only 3 or 4 inhalations at a time in one day and not necessarily on a regular basis, sometimes once a week for a few weeks and sometimes not used at all for several months. but my focus and vision can be blurred and a pain in my left eye and it sort of feels stiff and dry. I struggle with bright lights particularly artificial light and also white walls, its as though someone has just taken a photo and a flash has gone off in my eyes. I started reading about the vision problems caused by poppers a year or so ago and have tried to abstain from them the longest I went was about 6 months of not using them then used them one night and again 3 months later and again this week. I did find that when I hadn't used them for several months my eyes were a lot better and hate myself for going so long and letting myself do poppers again knowing how bad they are for your health. Reading this forum today has helped me and I will now try again to stop altogether. It is horrible to go 6 months and then use them again it makes you feel crap and that you have let yourself down. Its is re assuring to know people are learning more about this problem and becoming aware, I hope a people read this and stop using them and help spread the word. Most of the things I have read about poppers were outdated and not very helpful this forum is the best I have found and will now check regularly to see what updates and news people have. I am more than happy to communicate directly with anyone interested in sharing their experiences and progress with this issue.

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