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Blueish skin and dizziness.

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Topic created by Lawrence
on Wed, 20 Nov 2013 at 17:50

Lawrence said on Wed, 20 Nov 2013 at 17:50...

Hi there. I used to use Dragon Power, and recently bought a bottle of Jungle Juice Platinum, since everyone talks so much about it. Ater two sniffs, my face got purple/blueish, and I got dizzy when I tried to speak. I never had those when using Dragon Power. Was that overdose, or maybe the JJ I bought was fake...?
Any idea what might have happened?

Weedgasm said on Fri, 22 Nov 2013 at 20:11...

It's platinum, meaning stronger.. You probably sniffed too much, sniff less.
The dizziness is sniffing too much and also not having enough Oxygen/ forgetting to breath or forgetting to breath right, instead of trying to talk take some deep breaths cause your heart and evertything just got stimulated really fast (thus the dizziness) all the effects can literally take your mind off breathing right till you feel really light headed.
The blue face probably isn't as blue as it looks (poppers make my vision seem like I just got done stairing straight into a lightbulb Ina way) and it's probably from a lack of oxygen when you really need it.. It's like sprinting and holding your breath... And the effects come quick when too much is sniffed..... Just sniff less lol

Lawrence said on Sat, 23 Nov 2013 at 01:24...

I'll try sniffing less... I sniffed the same amount I did with Dragon Power, I didn't know it was THAT stronger. Also, my partner is the one who told me I was "really, really blue" (actually he got so worried it ruined the fuck).
Probably won't be buying this one again, maybe that's not the one for me. :/

weedgasm said on Sat, 23 Nov 2013 at 19:38...

did you get both poppers at the same place?? and yeah try sniffing less.... I was with a girl who never done poppers befor, and she kept huffing rush...like back to back, then she turned blue, got really sweaty and blew chunks out the car window (going 60+mph) lol

Lawrence said on Sun, 24 Nov 2013 at 14:06...

I bought them both from the same person, but I have no idea where did HE buy those from... I still don't know how safe it is to try to import poppers from the internet here in my country. The only brands I have ever tried are Dragon Power and this Jungle Juice Platinum, that I only bought because I read the reviews on the net about JJ and people said it was the best.
Next time I'll probably try buying another brand... The guy who sells to me also has Gold Rush and Amsterdan. Any suggestions?

Maureen said on Mon, 25 Nov 2013 at 19:21...

"got really sweaty and blew chunks out the car window"

That is a charming image - la dolce vita!

Wu99 said on Fri, 29 Nov 2013 at 22:25...

You mean Dragons Breath right?

Lawrence said on Sun, 1 Dec 2013 at 01:09...

No, Dragon Power. This one: http://popperstore.com/128-thickbox_default/dragon-power-24ml.jpg

rdremming said on Thu, 5 Dec 2013 at 21:49...

Poor dear, you got some really crappy poppers, probably made in China, cheap crap.

Popper lovers are very familiar with the lack of pink... er, blue... of oxygen deprivation. We power bottoms know the situation well. It's why one very popular choice is Blue Boy, as in we bottom boyz snorting so much during sex we turn blue!

That said, just make sure you get plenty of fresh air after (better yet, during - have fun outside!).

Python said on Mon, 9 Dec 2013 at 11:42...

>>fun outside!--yeah but it shrinks in the cold ;-)

limboboy said on Tue, 7 Apr 2015 at 03:45...

The blue face, severe redness and headache... this is from crap poppers, not the real deal. I buy from Powerpoppers online and they are very good.
Occasionally, I bought from head or sex shops and always regret it. Ending up with a very weak rush and then headache... and blue lips and face and feeling awful and kind of sick for hours later. Powerpoppers are the way to go, I have ordered from them many times and never had a problem. The 'brown bottle' I find best. Also cheapest!

ZergSD said on Wed, 26 Feb 2020 at 22:57...

Where can I get PowerPoppers?

JoshVR said on Wed, 17 Feb 2021 at 01:15...

Check out the truthaboutpoppers.com

Don't expect the manufacturer to disclose anything. They literally want shit all to do with you and don't care about what harm you do to yourself. Remember they have the disclaimer about it being for leather cleaning / video head cleaning - you fuck up your life and your vision - fucking your problem not theirs.

H said on Thu, 11 Mar 2021 at 09:22...

I took poppers for the first time I have blue nails,tounge,lips I also have a splitting headache how long will it take for my skin to return to normal colour

XXL said on Tue, 22 Jun 2021 at 12:10...


powerpoppers.com yeah they don't sell iso-propyl, just a bunch of amyl based poppers (i.e safe) no headaches or dramas. Jungle Juice or Nitro. Speak to Tom, not the other guy.

Baer said on Wed, 24 Nov 2021 at 22:01...

Just tried some poppers called Berlin XXX. It was a very intense session and I noticed after that I looked slightly grey skinned. Maybe itís just my eyes but definitely something different.

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