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Topic created by bm706
on Sun, 16 Jun 2013 at 10:26

bm706 said on Sun, 16 Jun 2013 at 10:26...


Which are the stongest poppers in the market with the greatest sensation?

stevie said on Tue, 6 Aug 2013 at 17:30...

where can these be purchased
And what are the strongest

Aanjay said on Sun, 8 Sep 2013 at 08:52...

The strongest i have is Rush. why some people now say it is no longer the real one. Nobody knows what happened with poppers as before they are real strong 4sure

Gazzer said on Wed, 11 Sep 2013 at 11:03...

I like amsterdam special strong, lasts a bit too. the smoother ones last longer

The Rush Hour said on Thu, 12 Sep 2013 at 21:54...

98% of the people who talk about PWD have no clue what they are talking about but it's fun to listen to them put on the :know:!

AreUinYet said on Tue, 17 Sep 2013 at 20:36...

Personally, Gold Rush is the best in my opinion. It is very strong compared to the "normal" Rush. It is only a few dollars more a bottle. It is isobutyl nitrate.

Anonymous said on Sun, 22 Sep 2013 at 13:59...

Nitrate or nitrite? Nitrates are not the same as nitrites.

ZAP! it up said on Mon, 28 Oct 2013 at 07:34...

My first one is brown bottle. I can say it really sent me high. It left at my place by one friend and I played with it before gave it back. Very strong effect indeed.

Next I purchase Jungle Juice Platinum. The effect is great too. Smell nice and when the room is dark, I was darker too, hehe. But someone took it when I left it mistakenly at sauna.

Then I do myself some online search and found the website selling good price and willing to send it to my country.


I use ZAP! first, good stuff and can be repeated a few times in a roll and still strong. It is almost empty now as I keep dropping it onto the floor and the cap has cracks on the side. So I marrying the rest into my second new bottle, Ram. Hope the child bring me to higher place.

I did borrow Rush before but not really have a strong effect on that or maybe it was steal.

king of poppers said on Thu, 10 Jul 2014 at 21:22...

I love poppers! I been use them long time ago still enjoy it! Amsterdam special strong is the best! Love it x

kingKlo said on Sun, 4 Dec 2016 at 04:53...

I purchased English Royals which is known tobe the strongest out there. Not for beginners.... it'll change you in ways you couldn't possibly fathom.

Anonymous said on Mon, 6 Feb 2017 at 14:43...

try overdrive from uspopshop. that thing's game changer

szamszalom said on Tue, 21 Nov 2017 at 20:39...

Hey strongest popers Iíve everer use is Potent Blue / Xtreme Power 22ml they are bowe the same. Long lasting ultra strong effect. If you know this one and you know something stronger let me know what is it :-) szamszalom@gmail.com

Hunter said on Fri, 9 Feb 2018 at 08:18...

Anyone tried Tres Fort?


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