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French Amyls : Purchase tips for overseas fellows

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Topic created by BRUCE
on Sat, 20 Feb 2021 at 10:01

BRUCE said on Sat, 20 Feb 2021 at 10:01...

I thought of writing a few tips for overseas fellows wanting to try french amyls (living there), i have tested every available otc product several time.

I won't speak about the shops, one is quite monopolistic, well known here with its .eu domain name and i am using its french pendant with 2 days delivery to my door (yeah !).

There are other shops selling a few other sku from "colt" but that's about it, and the global offer is very similar to p.a.eu.

First, every french product are unfortunately iso-amyl, neither are sweet, all have that camphor aftertaste and i have yet to find any n-amyl otc product.
Secondly, don't expect a kick like the only isobutyl available in US.
It will be a mellow rise (too bad the chemical camphor taste is always present). Each early huff adds up to a point where effects won't rise in intensity but more adding a few minutes more ti the journey.
If that rings a bell, effects are a bit similar to butyl products ( but slightly more potent and on the contrary of isoamyl, butyl has a banana fruity sweet smell)

In term of disparities or potency between products, they're more or less the same, with some being slightly more potent (or have less diluted alcool ?). In exemple , when 10 different products are on table, you may sort these where n 2 groups, but not a single product shall be on top of others.

1st group : More "concentrated" (less diluted?) ones, from high to low

Radikal Rush large aluminium vial - Everest titanium (but they stink like camphor)
Iron Fist (smells a bit)
Everest Premium blue (not purchased in bundle) (potent with less of the camphor smell)
Blackout / Sm / Slave (Colt brand)

2nd group : Fair recommandations or standards :

Amyl (black bottle with yellow text) = Jungle Juice gold Amyl (Good alternatives i you don't want to pay the pricetag for everest premium, but everest premium shall be a bit more potent with similar level of "camphor" aftertaste to theses.
Maybe the IsoamylNitrite cream plastic large bottle (batch dependent?)

3rd group : Not bad but not exceptional
Other colt products, sexline red, gate

Everest premium case : No its not the more potent one!
imho marketing is a bit weak on this one (they really should explain why it feels a bit "purer" with less smell than others, is it several rinsing or filtering after reacting the reagents ?? Also the product pricetag is a bit too expensive, feel they're a bit greedy on markup on this one and if they'd lower the price, they could sell them by millions !
For people who use petrol heater, think of everest premium (blue) like the more expensive but highly deodorised petrols. You may have similar calorific petrols to use in your heater, less expansive, but they stink more!

Final word : Which to try considering the overseas purchase if i had to purchase only 3 :
- 1 Amyl 30 ml (black bottle / yellow text) or one jungle juice gold amyl 30 ml amyl(same product)
- 1 Everest premium bottle (you have to try this one to understand whether its pricetag is worth or not for you"
- Either a 30ml of the first line or if not available in your country, experimenting a pentyle may be interesting : Jungle Juice black label pentyle.

I don't recommend purchasing the large aluminium or large plastic bottles for an early purchase because of the uncertainty of flight effects on potential leaking.

Colt brand / Gate / Pig juice and so on : I may purchase theses locally and use them as "side dishes" during my sessions but i don't personally think they'd be worth waiting a long time for when purchasing overseas.

I hope that you might find this post useful.
I would say that i am a bit bored with locally available isoamyl at the moment and would be eager to test "real" n-amyl.

BTW : a good tip for refreshing nitrites "tired by flight" : 3-4 Molecular sieves 4A (the pea sized ones) And potassium carbonate powder (pour for approx a 1 millimeter layer at the bottom of the vial) theses should help neutralize acids and trap moisture.

My 2 cents

Bruce said on Sun, 21 Feb 2021 at 07:02...

Checked my bottles yesterday night and its not "colt" but "jolt".

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 21 Feb 2021 at 16:43...

@Bruce: I appreciate the great, personal information you have given regarding your popper purchases in France. It's rare to read such detailed reporting.

I've been obsessed with understanding everything about poppers since 2009. It became a greater obsession when Joe Miller of PWD died in August 2010, roughly the time when all OTC poppers in the USA became instant crap, too acidic, too weak and too irritating to the airways.

The MSDS forms state that n-amyl nitrite(pentyl nitrite) have psychoactive effects, but it doesn't state the same about isoamyl(isopentyl) nitrite. The MSDS also states isoamyl alcohol has a choking odor whereas normal amyl alcohol does not. I believe n-amyl nitrite is also more stable than isoamyl nitrite. It should come as no surprise then that retail prices from chemical factories for n-amyl nitrite is 4 to 5 times higher than for isoamyl nitrite. They know that n-amyl nitrite has the best qualities for poppers....mild fruity odor, pscyhoactive effect, more stability and no choking effect as it breaks down. N-butyl nitrite DOES in fact have a very sweet banana like odor. I know for a fact because I bought 95% NBN from SigmaAldrich. At first, I couldn't smell the banana and the effects were rapidly toxic UNTIL I washed out the obvious nitric acid and added anhydrous sodium carbonate. Then the effects were adrenaline rush like and the odor was distinctly SWEET banana like.

I have smelled the camphor odor also coming from n-amyl nitrite. I think it's an impurity, perhaps valeric acid or related chemicals. I have a suspicsion that since French amyls are isoamyl nitrite, and not n-amyl nitrite, that they are simply buying large quantities of isoamyl nitrite directly from factories and rebottling it, perhaps by first washing and/or adding preservatives.

There is logical reason, except price, that someone would select to bottle isoamyl nitrite over n-amyl nitrite.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 21 Feb 2021 at 16:53...

Also, when buying isopentyl nitrite from a chemical company, it might not have a preservative added....such as sodium or potassium carbonate. So upon opening, it will likely smell off/funky/acidic. Adding molecular sieves and anhydrous sodium or potassium carbonate can help, BUT it might take a few days to a few weeks. Washing in cold water might work more quickly to get rid of acidic impurities, BUT isopentyl nitrite is not very stable so introducing water can be risky. I once bought 500mls of isopentyl nitrite from Alfa Aesar. It was preserved with Kcarb so upon opening it smelled OK and didn't stink....it was a bit fruity. But within a week, the entire amount, despite my best efforts turned to dead fish and vinegar. The effects of isopentyl nitrite change as its composition changes. There were sweet spots when it provided some very pleasant sensations, but it didn't last long.

BRUCE said on Mon, 22 Feb 2021 at 08:15...

Yes unfortunately i have yet to find and test n-amyl nitrite (Maybe did i in the early 2000, as i remember nearly odourless and sweet thinfg which i liked. Before we only had isobutyl and isopropyl then the politic poppers ban and now the isoamyl stinking (and not so great) thing which is everywhere.

I have yet to find a chem company which would accept to sell to individuals or maybe via alibaba?

Last in the venture would be self brewing, but needs a place in the house, a fumes hood or equivalent, minimal glassware... Well...

Nitritespecialist said on Mon, 22 Feb 2021 at 14:21...

@Bruce: the literature says that it's relatively "easy" to make highly pure alkyl nitrites without distillation. BUT, Taylor reported in 1912, that most of the OTC amyl nitrite was crap. Apparently there were lots of suppliers then. He and his assistant set out to discover why. Mostly, what they determined at the time was that there were multiple ways to make good amyl nitrite, but they depended upon method, and purity of the alcohol. They did NOT mention the purity of the sodium nitrite when using sulfuric acid. They listed some of the impurities they found, some of which were water soluble and easy to remove and others that were unknown and not easy to remove.

In my experience, I suspect reagent quality is paramount to making good amyl nitrite without distillation. I most suspect the sodium nitrite as being the primary problem when brews repeatedly turn out bitter and lifeless. So....even if you can find a supplier who will send reagents to you, you can't always trust what you are receiving as being as fresh and pure as the day it was tested for purity. That's a bigger obstacle than finding a place and getting the equipment to make the stuff.

poppersguy said on Tue, 23 Feb 2021 at 17:43...

@BRUCE I made a post recently about the Isoamyl Nitrite in the cream plastic bottle. I used to order them from France, but recently the label changed and they were horribly irritant and unpleasant. I ordered them again from Portugal, and I received the product I used to get from France, with a mild smell and very gentle on the airways. You might be right, their quality when buying from France might be batch-dependent.

Harry1950 said on Sat, 27 Feb 2021 at 19:48...

@Nitritespecialist and Bruce: Thank you very much for this detailed exchange of information, which I found very informative. I am 73 and have been using poppers relatively infrequently since 1972. I initially read about amyl nitrite in an article about different pro-sexual drugs that was published in Playboy magazine in 1971. The effects of amyl sounded appealing to me and I subsequently confirmed that amyl nitrite greatly enhanced my sex life and sexual pleasure. One of the very best popper products (formulas) I ever used (from 1976 - 1983) was sold by RAM Products in the UK, the manufacturer of the original Jungle Juice. I believe their RAM formula (sold in a small bottle) was real 100% n-amyl nitrite. For me, the best popper formula provides the following effects: it comes on quickly but smoothly, noticeably relaxes the anal muscle and causes the prostate gland to pump, and provides a very noticeable and enjoyable euphoric effect. I have introduced several of my girl friends (I am straight) in the US and Europe to poppers and they were very receptive to the euphoric effects and enjoyed them. During the past 5 years, I have purchased a variety of popper products (formulas) from US, UK, and French vendors and not one of them provided the same overall enjoyable and euphoric effects of the poppers I used during the 70's and 80's. Most of the popper products being sold now provide either no or very little pleasurable effect. Like many of the users posting on this site, I am searching for a vendor the sells real n-amyl nitrite. I believe pharmaceutical grade n-amyl nitrite can be be purchased over the counter in pharmacies in Tijuana, Mexico. I greatly appreciate the exchange of information that is posted on this web-site. Thank you to everyone who contributes to these on-going discussions for the benefit of the popper community.

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