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Poppers in Orlando

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Topic created by Newbie
on Tue, 6 Sep 2016 at 05:39

Newbie said on Tue, 6 Sep 2016 at 05:39...

Anyone does it know where I find a place to buy poppers in Orlando, FL?

Santos said on Tue, 6 Sep 2016 at 06:11...

Yes i know 2 places.
There is a sex store on obt by americana.

And the oder place is on edgewater st i guess the name of the place is barcodes

J-man-X said on Sat, 24 Sep 2016 at 08:08...

I'm in fort lauderdale, I always order with sexy-poppers.com
It's fast delivery, and free

Daltech said on Wed, 28 Sep 2016 at 01:26...

What should I ask for when trying to purchase them

Anonymous said on Thu, 29 Sep 2016 at 01:26...

If you are looking for a reliable seller that has tons of brands of poppers AND ships to Canada, check out:


They even have some uber rare poppers from Russia too

StraightTranny&FaggotLuvr said on Fri, 14 Oct 2016 at 17:21...

Any luck in Orlando buddy? I used to get legit ones at local head shops like pipe dreams but now they have different stuff that isn't as good. Jockslocker isny bad but hit or miss. If you find good ones let me know. Or if you want to get together for a bate session, I've never done one in real life.

Will said on Thu, 9 Feb 2017 at 16:13...

You can buy them from the small sex shop in the back of the Parliament House near the pool. Some of the local smoke shops carry them, especially those that sale the weed pipes, also the bath house "Club Orlando"

BluBoy said on Tue, 15 Aug 2017 at 13:43...

I think MegaPoppers is based out of Orlando. I would think shipping would be next day

StraightTranny&FaggotLuvr said on Fri, 8 Sep 2017 at 01:42...

Since this post is local, is anyone down to host a popper party? I think it would be awesome to watch lorn and popper up with like minded dudes. Kind of like a wine or beer party, everyone brings their favorite poppers and everyone can sample them. I'm also interested in frontage but that is not required.

MarriedAssSeeder said on Mon, 18 Sep 2017 at 00:06...

Barcodes, Hanks, Parliment House, and Club Orlando have poppers. Club 3018 in Kissimmee also sells them.

Knottyfellow said on Sun, 24 Sep 2017 at 16:17...

Warning if you buy them from a store they are going to be like twenty times the price it costs to make them. The best bet is always online if you cant craft them yourself. twenty dollars for a 10mL is a ripoff. It is typically $9 for 10mL online or $16 for 30mL.

I know it sounds risky, but having bought and reviewed from 5 different common vendors online, it is pretty secure with your card info. The main variant is quality, and it is best to buy in bulk to pay less shipping fees. Make sure they have the little secure vendor lock icon in the search bar.

Dirk Digler said on Wed, 27 Sep 2017 at 19:15...

Lets popperbate on Skype add me Dirk Digler

AmericanBrit said on Sat, 7 Oct 2017 at 13:04...

Knotty Iíve tried to craft my own from 2 different methods both unsuccessful and tips and a decent method to follow.

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